Microsoft talks Fallout 4 PC mods being supported on Xbox One

One of the year's biggest games will be Fallout 4 and it is releasing on Nov. 10, but for Xbox One gamers, there is plenty to look forward to in Fallout 4 during 2016. While DLC will be coming next year, so will Fallout 4 PC mods for Xbox One.

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TurboGamer856d ago

What about mods that will require script extender? All of my Skyrim and New Vegas mods that I have installed require script extender. Enhanced texture mods are out as well.

Godmars290855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

Expect a transition period for them to fix things? Not to work day one?

kydrice855d ago

It's one thing to wait for certain mods to be ironed out but it's a different thing when a mod needs Script Extender. Unless there is a way to install script extender, a lot of useful mods are not going to work and there's no way around it.

jb227855d ago

Yeah they've already confirmed that only certain mods will work on the console version for XBO & PS4....wouldn't expect things like the ICE enhancer from GTA to work either. If there's a community of PC modders out there willing to work within the constraints of consoles though, there should be some pretty cool stuff happening.

ninjahunter855d ago

Thats a good point, it seems like 90 some odd percent of popular mods across Bethesda games did require script extensions and frameworks modifications.

Ghost_of_Tsushima855d ago

It's great to have these. Now can we get some Minecraft mods?

Antifan855d ago

Nah, I don't think MS will pay for labor and resources to test mods on Xbox. If they do, they will most likely make you pay for them.

Trogdor855d ago

"What about"

What about anything? There's nothing to this article other than "yeah, this community involvement thing that we're doing, it's really great and we hope to do more of it." Not a single substantive word from this Microsoft spokesman regarding how they plan to navigate intellectual property rights or content policing for community-created content.

For all we know, the Fallout 4 creation kit could end up being a simple level editor, stripped of 90% of the functionality earlier CKs had, so that they don't have to pay teams of people to screen mods for content for extended periods of time.
That way, they can just say, hey, the CK doesn't let you add any third party meshes or textures, so all modders have to work with is the assets we included with the game. Bam, no need to bother checking to see if mods contain adult or copyrighted content.
You must remember, people are still playing and modding Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, even Fallout 3, to this day. Skyrim released in 2011. New Vegas, 2010. Fallout 3, 2008. I don't think MS, Sony, or Bethesda are going to want to pay a team of people to screen every mod that gets uploaded to every day for the next 5+ years so that no adult or copyrighted content gets onto people's consoles.

I hope that I'm wrong, but I've got a bad feeling about this.

855d ago
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akurtz855d ago

looking forward to these mods. wonder what sorts we will see on console, glad ps4 is being supported as well

TheColbertinator855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

Mod support on consoles has happened before and if half of what I want to see is possible,my Xbone copy of Fallout 4 will be on my playlist for years

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