343 Industries talks Halo 5's giant battles and Progressive Resolution System

Microsoft and 343 Industries are planning enormous scope for Halo 5: Guardians and one of the important parts in making that happen is the game's main campaign. Co-op will be a major focus for it, but there is still a lot for players to be excited about, outside of the multiplayer aspect.

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4Sh0w1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

"Halo 5’s campaign provides a huge variety of experiences: from giant battles amidst large-scale destruction to quieter moments spent exploring the ruins of alien civilizations or interacting with the habitants of a human colony beyond the reach of the UNSC."

"Some sections of a mission might be relatively quiet and achieving 60fps is straightforward, but there are many situations where we dial the intensity up to 11,"

"At those times, we need to maintain 60fps and give players the total experience from both a design and artistic perspective. This is where our new progressive resolution system comes into play, allowing the game to scale resolution dynamically as the experience gets more intense and complex. In much of the campaign you may be playing at 1080p, but when we want to get really crazy with vehicles, visual effects and combat we can trade some of the resolution in order to maintain the crucial 60fps."

-Definitely sounds like a brilliant strategy to maximize every aspect of the game, thereby never compromising their ability to achieve top notch 60fps performance throughout SP and MP, while also giving us the absolutely beautiful visuals in large scale open environments, allowing Halo5 to be the best experience possible. Love the "going all out" attitude from 343 instead of just settling for "good enough" mentality in 1 aspect over the other.

Paytaa1158d ago

This should set a trend for all games that are pushing 60fps to get that locked and have the resolution scale in the background depending on the type of intensity happening on-screen. Halo 5 is one of the most beautifully crafted games I've ever seen and all while being a constant fluid 60fps is insane. I think Halo 5 could end up being my favorite Halo game and I never thought any Halo post-2007 would ever make me say that. Outstanding job 343.

B1uBurneR1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

@Paytaa correction it should be a trend on systems that can't maintain both 1080p & 60 fps when action starts going and things gets exciting to prevent the system from jeezing on itself early, the frame rate starts to drops when your heart is pumping fast.. .

All I'm saying is let's get passed the menu screen first before we give it a rating. Aside from a CGI ( that anybody can do ) I don't see anything extra special that's stands out from the last Halo OR FPS.

60FPS is the way go

4Sh0w1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Well these consoles arent PC's so thats why neither are doing too many AAA huge games with high end graphics at 1080p 60fps across SP & MP, but Halo5 fans have alot to be excited about right NOW:

*large scale, open gameplay spaces
with tons of variety for possible alternate routes, including ledges that can be climbed with the clamber

*4 player online SP co-op

*lead two unique fireteams as MasterChief & Locke in a 12-16hr campaign

*Well balanced very competitive multiplayer with a brand new massive-scale multiplayer mode that supports 24-player battles with both friendly and enemy AI constantly dropping in to mix up the experience.

*15 Maps at launch with 10 free DLC maps incoming before June

*60fps SP and MP

*Superb graphics and artistic style

*Tons of varied weapons, vehicles, enemies

-Thats just some wavetops...theres plenty more in this game, its pretty much only a question of "how good(great)" will Halo5 be, NOT "if it will be".

jb2271157d ago

I've never seen a scaling resolution that I'm aware of. Is it at all noticeable or is it just down to the range of the scaling? Seems like maybe 720 or sub 720 to 1080 would be noticeable but would anything above that even be noticeable? If a scaling resolution allows for greater gameplay & graphical advantages then I'm all for it, as long as it isn't massively noticeable.

Bigpappy1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Yea. This is how all developer should be thinking: Maintain that FPS first and foremost. When the action is toned down, you can show off the visuals by increasing the shine. But effects and smooth gameplay will definitely make the games more enjoyable than higher resolution with choppy frame drops. Common sense really.

@Paytaa: I did see your post, but we said pretty much the same thing (I was slow in posting my thoughts). Guess that means there is consensus on the importance of maintaining 60fps.

christocolus1158d ago

“interacting with the habitants of a human colony beyond the reach of the UNSC.”

Hmmm. Sounds good. I need to know more about these interactions?will we just have humans fighting along side spartans or will we be able to strike up conversations and get information regarding missions from certain people? Just curious.

I can't wait to play Halo 5.

tuglu_pati1158d ago

This is a great solution as long as It doesn't go below 900p, dipping below that would be really noticeable.

TheCommentator1158d ago

To be fair, if they have to drop resolution during the most intense moments I doubt we'd notice. When I upscale to 120fps with my tv, I find that I don't notice the artifacts most of the time. It seems that if I become too engrossed in the game and simply tune it out. If your tv has frame interpolation, try it for 30 minutes or so and see!

raggy-rocket1158d ago

Definitely. I think there's no visually noticeable change with slightly scaled down resolution in high octane moments, but the visual issues with frequently adapting frame rates are much more noticeable. I cannot stress how happy I am that 343 (or any dev at least!) is 100% prioritizing the texture and detail of the environments and 60fps over resolution and CRUCIALLY content over graphics.

With that first party MS budget behind them, from the looks of it, they've created the longest (around 16 hours I reckon) story ever for Halo, innovated Halo gameplay, while keeping that fundamental halo feel of the gameplay, really refined multiplayer to the point of near perfection imo, maybe even bettering halo 2, as it feels like they've took the best bits about halo 2 and made it more modern and refined them which is why it's so perfect, as well as creating amazing graphics, locked 60fps AND 1080p (mainly). This is what I consider a graphical showcase for a console. A game that has brilliant graphics WHILE providing brilliant and plentiful content

I really can't wait, it's so close but so far away. The halo escalation comic and Hunt the Truth season 2 should break it up for me though. Won't be watching ANY trailers or gameplay from now, enough has been 'spoiled'. Want it all to be a surprise so that the game just blows me away.

Halo's back, baby

user99502791158d ago

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Usually framerate is left in a state of flux while resolution is stable. However, frame dips are a lot more noticeable on the fly compared to the disparity between 900p and 1080p. Scaling the resolution just seems like the right idea.

Sturdy 60fps games are always such a pleasure to play. will be nice n' smooth. (bm tss)

UncleJerry1158d ago

At this point they have made it really hard to say anything bad about the studio or the game being made. I am thoroughly excited and I have no doubt this game will be incredible. I am glad to see they worked to ensure 60fps without TOO much compromise. Scaling resolution, IMO, is a great way to get console games to 60fps. I doubt i'll ever even notice the drop in res, where a drop in frame rate would be jarring. So, great job here. Can't wait!

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AizenSosuke1158d ago

Campaign= 1080p/60fps to multiplayer which is 900p/60fps I'm just wondering if that's correct or not?

Eliseo6761158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Campaign will be native 1080p/60fps AND upscaled 1080p/60fps depending on what is going on the screen.
If you are alone with your fireteams in small places or ruins? Native 1080/60fps.
If you are in major scaled battles of Covenant vs. Humans, Covenant vs. Sangheli, etc. with a lots and lots of enemies on the background? Upscaled 1080p/60fps.

That's the point of having progressive resolution. Any amount of enemies they want without having frame drops.

Multiplayer is always native 1080p/60fps.

AizenSosuke1158d ago

Thanks for the info so it's progressive res game like New order but stays at 1080p even upres it by scaling etc..

slate911158d ago

Really havent been this excited for halo since 3

spicelicka1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Progressive resolution sounds brilliant! Sometimes I really don't care about the resolution when I'm facing 30 enemies at once and giant vehicles. This is the most underrated aspect of Halo games, the scale.

Other times when I'm in small areas looking at details, i want the resolution to be good.

This is a great way of handling that.

UncleJerry1158d ago

Makes sense. The slower, quieter areas are where you might be taking more notice of the tiny little details, so the better res could surely help there, where in the large, intense sequences, while it will still look great, it's more important that the action stays fluid.

corroios1158d ago

There is no secret sauce to counter the lack of raw power. We already now this by now. We already were talking about dynamic rez since the start of the year

What 343 should focus is bringing a good story, because shiny graphics are not enough for a mega franchise like Halo.

spicelicka1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Why would they not focus on both?

They've obviously done a SHIT TON for bringing a good story. I mean look at the characters, 8 spartans, Buck is back, Arbiter is back, Cortana, Halsey, Locke, plus there's hunt the truth, ONI controversy, the Prometheans are unleashed, the whole thing with Guardians/Warden eternal.

They've released the forerunner saga, and new books. And they're asking fans to vote on what kinda of book they want next.

And hunt the truth season 2 is coming soon!

I think the story is deeper and more complex than it's ever been.

corroios1158d ago

Lets wait and see. I hope they can join all and deliver a good story.

OpieWinston1158d ago

@corroios.... Clearly you don't know anything about Halo or 343i because Halo 4 proved that they do the story justice.

yarbie10001158d ago ShowReplies(1)
UncleJerry1158d ago

When has Halo ever really skimped on story? Also, by lack of raw power, I hope you mean relative to PC, because I can't name a single console shooter that has run 1080/60 while looking this good. Crap like CoD etc. can't be considered here. I'm not attacking ya, I'm just not sure of your context here.

Even when looking at the past couple of installments, Halo has always pretty much set the bar for best balance of graphics, gameplay, story and great MP...IMO.

OpieWinston1158d ago

No secret sauce? You do realize that Hardware plays a big part but so does Software... And Microsoft is a Software king. Add to that the fact that 343i has 2 buildings filled with people and most of them are in the Team A which is in charge of main Halo games.... Them doing all this isn't that hard to believe.

As far as story goes, I doubt you know much about Halo Lore. Because 343i has done a top notch job at connecting the games to the massive universe that was created via the books.

They use multiple medias to help tell the stories and bridge the games... Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn & Halo: Nightfall.
Hunt the Truth
Halo: Escalation
Halo: Fall of Reach Animated Series(For those that didn't read the book)

Halo 4 was a big step up in terms of graphical fidelity from Reach but when striving for a solid 60 FPS you can't make that massive jump at first, They need to learn the tech and then build on what Halo 4/5 start with the Reclaimer Saga.

corroios1158d ago

By secret sauce the ability of running the game 1080/60 with no problems

Multiplayer rules the halo franchise, not the story.

gamers talk how great is the MP and not the story. Again, i hope they are able to make a good story.

Graphics i dont know still didnt see the game running, but i did like the trailer with all the action, the ships and stuff blowing up everywhere. That was cool.

XBLSkull1157d ago

You are wrong on that, story is what has made halo the giant it is today. Books, films, toys, etc, that all comes from the story. If halo had a terrible story and great multiplayer, halo would still just be a game and nothing else.

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