Is PlayStation VR the right branding choice?

Is PlayStation VR the right branding for Project Morpheus? It could be. As Sony continues to pad its lead and strengthen the PlayStation brand, it probably is. But with the different competition out there, should Sony be considering how it can market its VR solution to customers who don't have a PS4, or is it more important to get everyone into the PlayStation ecosystem and keep them there?

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Eonjay1163d ago

Yes it really actually brilliant. As VR devices start to drop, it will be the most easily identified and it will have the largest brand association.

crazed_shadow271162d ago

I agree. Also a lot of product names can confuse common people (PS Move, PS Now, PS Vue, Project Natal/Kinect), so them being as straight forward and simplistic as can be might be their strategy this time around.

amiga-man1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

VR has one chance to grab your attention, Morpheus as much as it sounds cool has no meaning as a VR device.

Playstation VR is exactly what it says on the tin, a VR device for the Playstation, no confusion, which has got to be the right way to go when trying to penetrate a new market.

Just need them to release it already!! my money is waiting.

donthate1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I thinkj VR is an uninspiring and boring name. Doesn't elicit sexyness nor does it say anything cool about the brand. It literallky is like calling it Playstation motion control!

Besides VR is an abbreviation, and many don't know what "VR" actually means if they intended it to be clear.

PS Move - great name
PS Now - great name
PS Vita - not great, what heck? life?
PS VR - boring!

This likely means it won't work with PC either.

ABizzel11161d ago

It's not brilliant, and it's definitely not fancy, but it gets the job done and straight to the point. On top of that the PS brand is at a near all time high right now, especially the PS4, so it just makes sense.

Morpheus sounds much cooler, but PS VR leaves no room for confusion about what this device is.

AizenSosuke1163d ago

PVR name was an excellent choice shorten down my sentences about 2 words now and can't wait.

uth111163d ago

A lot of us personally find it too bland, but you can't argue with its simplicity

whothedog1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

*looks around*


Immorals1162d ago


This is the future of gaming, it should sound exciting and futuristic.

I'm just gonna keep calling it Morpheus. Sod the new name!

madmonkey011163d ago

it is smart, when people talk about VR this will be the device people subconsciously think of,

FallenAngel19841162d ago

Its smart to connect every PlayStation accessory and service under the brand

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