NHL 16 Review – EA’s Hockey Franchise Shows It Can Still Light It Up | COG

COG writes: Back to the drawing board, the EA Sports NHL franchise had to do something after last years disastrous NHL 15 game. One year later, the franchise is back on track as NHL 16 should make hockey fans smile from ear to ear.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1161d ago

Happy to see that they have made some amends for the previous version Good on them and I think I just may pick this one up.

generalwinter1161d ago

Saw the gameplay at E3 and it looks good this year!

MRBIGCAT1161d ago

Great to see the series back to full strength.... see what I did there?

1161d ago
GrapesOfRaf1161d ago

Ya this year is a good year to buy NHL. Last year so much was cut...

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