FIFA 16 demo thoughts from a FIFA fanatic

James writes - "With the release of the most popular football game on consoles just around the corner, there’s no better way to get a taste of FIFA 16 than to download and play the free demo. You probably shouldn’t base an entire purchase on these findings but it’ll at least give you a little extra information on what to expect come launch day."

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neil3631103d ago

Kept away from the demo but only because I only ever play clubs in Fifa. As long as that works, I'll be happy.

raggy-rocket1103d ago

Last one I had was FIFA 14 and it feels and plays almost exactly like that imo

oKidUKo1102d ago

You think so? I know there's generally not much change year after year but isn't this one slower paced at least?

neil3631102d ago

That ain't a bad thing though is it? I think I can deal with that.

raggy-rocket1102d ago

True, it's certainly not bad gameplay

ThePope1102d ago

I think it plays much more fluid than either 14 or 15. 14 was slower paced but still fairly arcade like, and 15 was 100% an arcade game.

darrenb19881102d ago

defending is more difficult in this game, i used to hold RB and A, but it doesnt work at all

ThePope1102d ago

Keep trying. Its far easier to defend than in previous games.

darrenb19881102d ago

whats the secret? i find pressing LT and RB is easier, but still a bit to get used to, im not conceding many goals, but im noticing im not getting as much possession

carlingtat1102d ago

They said they've made the defending better but I find that hard to believe. Only thing that has changed is non-controlled players get tighter to the player about to recieve the ball. Simply not good enough.