Sony Releases Official Screenshots For New PS4 'Gold' Controller

Sony has released the first batch of official HQ shots of the new Golden PS4 controller that was announced at Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference.

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BartMoons952d ago

Looks slick enough but I prefer the 'Steel Black' one. Hope it makes its way to Europe soon enough.

VER1ON952d ago

Somehow the 'gold' doesn't fit with the PS4's tech design. I prefer the silver or steel black.

Gemmol952d ago

U got same taste as me, silver a steel black look the best....the others is ugghh

kneon952d ago

Gold looks cheesy on just about everything other than jewelry and watches.

JustGamin85952d ago

I don't like it, maybe if they would have made a gold gunmetal finish it would look alot better, but that gold paint job and black doesn't look right. Hopefully they won't be charging 69.99 for the darn controllers

_LarZen_952d ago

Colors are nice. But what I really want is a pro controller. Something in the line with the XBO Elite controller.

That would be awesome.

VER1ON952d ago

Now that you mention it - that would be amazing if it came from Sony or Razer even. Too bad Razer doesn't do Playstation accessories.

_LarZen_952d ago

How awesome wouldn't it be if Sony announced a pro controller at the Playstation Experience in December?

And at the same time gave us a release date on Playstation VR. AND....that they have bought the exclusive rights to No Man's Sky and that it will be a launch title for PSVR.


brianunfried952d ago

The Dualshock 4 is a Pro Controller

chrisco84au952d ago

Looks stunning, I still prefer the Steel Black variant but options are always great.

Picked up a 20th anniversary one today, it's a beautiful controller, they really nailed that one.

Kingdomcome247952d ago

I too recently purchased a 20'th anniversary controller, but as stated in another thread my house was broken into today, and all of my gaming things were stolen, among other things. I work at Gamestop, and I've had numerous people ask me if I thought that they'd announce a gold DS4. This controller should sell really well. Is it retailer specific? I didn't see that it was.

SaveFerris952d ago

Damn. That's rough. I hope the police get the lowlifes and you manage to recover your possessions.

chrisco84au952d ago

Sorry to hear mate.
Hoping you can get your possessions back.

952d ago
wutang4ever952d ago

just remove that damn light or give me an option to turn it off.

VER1ON952d ago

You can dim it but it's needed for Sony's VR :)

wutang4ever952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

I've already dimmed it, still blinds the crap out of me.

I can careless for VR too, who wants a screen right on their face?

Drekken952d ago

Buy a $2 sticker or cover it with masking tape. Quit complaining about something you can fix if you don't like it.

"I can careless for VR too" - I have seen this phrase messed up so many times, but your version is the funniest yet.

uth11952d ago

true it might be needed for VR, but why not have an option to turn it off for the 95+% of games that don't need it?

TomatoDragon952d ago

How does it blind you? It's not very bright and doesn't even point up at your face.

C'mon now.

testerg35952d ago

Probably from the reflection from screen.

Drekken, that's your fix? LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.