PlayStation VR Demos for PS4 Get New Screenshots: Final Fantasy XIV, Danganronpa and More

After its Tokyo Game Show press conference in which Project Morpheus was renamed PlayStation VR, Sony Computer Entertainment distributed a press kit including the first screenshots of some of the demos that have been created by Japanese studios.

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Kalebninja860d ago

I would 100% play Danganronpa in VR

860d ago
zeuanimals860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

Those are screens from Danganronpa 1... Are we getting it completely remade for the PS4 and with VR? Holy crap.

Also, my girl Kyoko with VR though.

Edit: Nevermind, looked it up and it's just a tech demo. Probably are gonna make a game for VR, though.

SegaGamer860d ago

I would probably play anything in VR to be honest.

Justiceleague860d ago

Sony's vision = Innovation and GAMES

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ThanatosDMC860d ago

Honestly cant imagine being a healer on FF14 with first person or doing raids, but gawking at the sexy cat girls and Milfillia is understandable.

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