SCEJA press conference 2015 - Sony´s magnum opus of Gaming, technology and entertainment

I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) don´t want to sound like a Sony fanboy now, but Sony did just about everything right during their SCEJA Press Conference (Software, hardware, accessories, you name it!. And this is the reason why.

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SaveFerris1011d ago

The 'Steel Black' Dualshock 4 looks similar in colour to the Diamond Dogs controller that comes with the MGSV PS4. Also, is the headset a new model or just a release for Japan?

TGG_overlord1011d ago

My Japanese isn't exactly the best, but I did my very best to translate what Sony Japan said (wrote). Anyhow, it seems like the headset will be released outside of Japan as well.

NatureOfLogic_1011d ago

Sony delivers once again. What's new.

jon_snow1011d ago

Yep and they still have two shows to go. PGS and PSX.

MasterCornholio1011d ago


They had a great show.


Cant wait for the nest two.

italiangamer1011d ago

This conference was amazing, so many PlayStation exclusives *_* Now I cant wait for Paris Games Week and PlayStation Experience 2015!! Sony is just destroying everyone with their shows.

triple_c1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

That crystal controller is sexy.. That needs to come to NA or else I might have to do some importing..

nX1011d ago

Same here, these are worth importing imo.

OOMagnum1011d ago

Hey, im the only Magnum 😀.

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The story is too old to be commented.