Evoland 2- SteamFirst Review: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder, an RPG through the ages

SteamFirst: I’ve played the first Evoland and I’m gonna go ahead and say that Evoland II is far better than the first one. Shiro games, the dev company, clearly took the time to find what made their first game work, kept those elements, and then added improved, new content to the 2nd game. This makes the experience, overall, above and beyond the one before it. You’ll participate in metroid-like platforming, Zelda puzzles, pop culture references (and, unfortunately, some memes), and even see characters reminiscent of Elizabeth from Bioshock, piranha plants from Mario, Sakura from Street Fighter, and many, many more, as well as exploring a centralized story line with original characters.

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