FIFA 16 Preview: Why EA's Newest Belongs to the PS4 or Xbox One, Not PC [NDTV]

NDTV says: "Gamers who are also football fans fall into two camps - the ones who can't get enough of EA's FIFA franchise, and those who think that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series can do no wrong - and the two rarely, if ever, see eye to eye. If you are a FIFA fan, then you know that FIFA 16, the next instalment of the franchise, is out next week. It's one of the few games that's available not just on the PC and the current generation consoles (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but also on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. But which version of the game is the one worth getting? We checked the demo out on every platform to tell you."

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Grimbarian1183d ago

Sorry but this is a completely nonsense article, visuals on the PC version are much better (despite EA making no effort to take advantage of enhanced PC capabilities), DSR/4k + Reshade + Lod tweaks + various other visual improvements alone make the game worth buying on PC.

And that's before considering all the community created mod and expansions, new teams, new leagues, new competitions, new players, 3d star heads added for thousands of players, 2d photos added for thousands of players, new stadiums, new shirts/shoes.

And most significantly for me as someone who only plays Career Mode, PC version is the only version where Career Mode bugs get fixed, core logic features get tweaked to be realistic, stamina and fatigue get tweaked to be realistic, team playing styles, transfers, basically every single fundamental of Career Mode is tweaked, fixed, improved, enhanced by mods.