Sony's Tokyo Game Show presser dissected - A bright future?

Dealspwn: Sony's press conference at the Tokyo Game Show was packed with information and reveals this morning. We set our alarm clocks and watched the whole thing and were presented with some encouraging reveals. So, what did we learn from the show and what sort of future has it shown for the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan and beyond?

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TheImprobableMulk1160d ago

There was a lot of positive noise made from this morning's show, and certainly made me more excited for what Sony will show at Paris Games Week. I mean, we didn't see anything from Persona 5 or The Last Guardian today, both of which I would have thought would have made an appearance, and yet I still think they showed off a lot of games I'd like the play. I'm glad the Vita got some love too - let's just hope that translates to some attention in Western markets as well.

Also, Kingdom Hearts' naming conventions really, really need an overhaul. Ugh.

KevWriter1160d ago

I was really surprised that there was no Persona 5 announcement. I have a feeling it won't be released this year after all.

jon_snow1160d ago

On 17th during Atlus press they are announcing check twitter.

jon_snow1160d ago

Persona has it's own press moment on 17th just 2 days where release dates will be announced.

KevWriter1160d ago

Cool. Thanks for the info.

Aenea1159d ago

This can't be right, 'cos you know nothing Jon Snow! :D

RPGrinder1160d ago

The Sony event was not thatgreat. Square did a great job. We will see whathappens as we get moving

_-EDMIX-_1160d ago Show
Imortus_san1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Yep, no special reveal as most games had already been showned, another game that was promised to be on PS3 then shows up as a PS4 game, more HD remasters, as to be one of the Worst TGS that I remember.

Davi1231160d ago

Don't let's exaggerate, TGS wasn't good, but wasn't that bad either.

donwel1160d ago

Glad to see the Vita getting some attention, though it is still a relatively popular system in Japan, not so much in the west though.
So whilst I so hope that we see some more games coming to the system over here I can't help but be rather doubtful.

_-EDMIX-_1160d ago

Agreed, it got lots of exclusives, very surprised.

1160d ago
chrisco84au1160d ago

Great show when taken into context. Sony delivered, simple as that, not the biggest of announcements but many great ones. Really showing they have their hand in the pulse.

By context I mean, they still have PAris Games Week and PSX this year. Plenty of time to fulfil most people's requests.

Both companies have stepped up and bought their A game to shows this year and it looks like it will only get better.

Great time to be a gamer.

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