Gravity Rush Remastered Collector's Edition Now Up On Amazon Japan

GS:" Earlier today Sony has made fans of Gravity Rush really happy with a few announcements made during the company’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 2015 conference. Sony not only confirmed that Gravity Rush 2 is indeed coming to PlayStation 4 but also that a remastered version of the original PlayStation Vita release will be released in the next few months in all regions. The Japanese company has also revealed today the Gravity Rush Remastered Collector’s Edition, which will include a Kat figure and a few other extra goodies that won’t be included in the regular release."

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Kal-V31184d ago

As a Vita enthusiast, this and GR2 stings...quite a bit. GR2 looks amazing tho and i'll eventually pick it up. But...damn.

Aloy-Boyfriend1184d ago

Why? Would rather have a bigger and better game on PS4 than a sequel on Vita. Also the Vita is dead.

Darkwatchman1184d ago

But Gravity Rush made decent use of the vita's touch screen for stuff like locking onto the weak points of enemies or tapping where to gravitate to. Without a touch screen, I guarantee, that will make combat and traversal less intuitive.

Aloy-Boyfriend1184d ago

Those stuff can be easily mapped for buttons

Darkwatchman1184d ago

But it won't have the same ease of use and accuracy with buttons???

Sensu1184d ago

Yes, you are totally right in my opinion. I have the Platinum trophy and, even though it took me a while to perfect it, the gameplay was so smooth. As said above me, ofcourse it can be mapped on buttons easily enough. The point XiKurapikaKurta was making is that this was everything a good PS Vita game needed. So it's sad to see that go out the window to 'only' be a PS4 game.

But I'll buy it no matter what. It won't be a bad game because it won't be a Vita game (hopefully!).

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FreakOrama1184d ago

While yes it stings a bit that it isn't a VITA exclusive anymore, this game (and the sequel) is too big and awesome for the VITA to handle in terms of controls and performance.

Sad but happy that this game is getting the powerful system it deserves to be on, and I'll enjoy it on the more optimal system. Can't wait to replay the remastered and play the sequel =3

ONESHOTV21184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

oh and here it is. should i be happy that the game will sell a little more or should i be sad that sony sold us vita owners out.the feeling is a bit strange

dohji1184d ago

I for one am happy as hell. I always wanted to play gravity rush but never wanted to buy a shitty as Vita for one.

Fro_xoxo1184d ago

"shitty as Vita"

Come on, be nice. :/

I have to admit. . I've always wanted Gravity Rush on a bigger screen 'nd I got my wish. It's one of my favorite games on Vita.

The open world and game mechanics are too good to be on a smaller screen in my humble opinion.

Do we get a collectors edition in the west too?

Kal-V31184d ago

I see you've never owned or played a Vita before. You should before you cast such a strong opinion. Just sayin' ;P

Revengeance1184d ago

Shitty ass Vita.

Obvious you never played one or seen the games it got for it.

ninsigma1184d ago

Thank God the remaster isn't coming out this year. There's way too many games as it is for me to play so I'm glad it's not out till February (where I shall be eagerly awaiting to pick it up :D).

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