Gravity Rush Remastered Coming to PS4 on February 9th, 2016

Here’s a look at the trailer for Gravity Rush Remastered that was revealed earlier tonight during the SCEJA Press Conference 2015.

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miyamoto1158d ago

Looks like its the Ps3 build they remastered not the PS Vita version. The graphics have more detail than the handheld version.

AizenSosuke1155d ago

No Madara Uchiha cough I mean Irishguy95

1158d ago
SaiyanFury1158d ago

I thought this game looked good on the Vita's wonderful OLED screen, this just makes it even more impressive in 1080p. And good on Sony for using BluePoint Games to do the Remaster. I was first impressed by the quality of their work on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS3. May they keep doing good things!

DarXyde1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Well, this is interesting news. I will likely pass (or get it on sale) since I've already plat'd the original on Vita, but I would very much love to see how the controls play out. I have faith it will be an amazing recreation with Bluepoint at the helm.

Great game. A smart move to get more people on board with this game. Vita loses a bit of its identity in the process, but people weren't buying Vitas for this game (rather, not enough people were buying Vitas for this game), but hopefully sales take off and we get to see people really get on board with this game. Great news is potential sequels exclusive to PS4 will likely have full voice acting, a larger world, and an all around bigger game. Color me excited.

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