Destiny: The Taken King First Impressions – Content Overload

(PSLS): About two weeks ago, PSLS entered the doors to Bungie’s studio in Seattle and prepared to play Destiny: The Taken King. Check the initial thoughts after 15 hours of game time.

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brierslfc1158d ago

Looking forward to jumping back into Destiny!

Pathogenic1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

It's pretty good so far but I'm not liking the fact that I have all my Vault gear levelled to 170 and now uncommons can make my gear look like crap in the stat department.

rezzah1158d ago

That is because they are crap by new standards.

Knushwood Butt1158d ago

Green drops are exciting again!

Nineball21121158d ago

Yep, you can't automatically breakdown your green and blue drops anymore. Heck, I'm running with a green primary right now because it's better than any other weapon I have!

Wedge191158d ago

So exciting to get all the new gear!