More than an expansion, Destiny: The Taken King is a relaunch of Bungie's vision


"Talk to Bungie about Destiny and it will readily admit the game's imperfections. Speak to the Destiny's passionate fanbase and they will likely tell you many of the same gripes, only louder. Plenty played Destiny during its inaugural year and kept playing through the game's many ups and downs. Others did not. By Bungie's own metrics - three million loyal players logging on every day - the game sounded nothing short of a success. But many who tried the shared world shooter left for good, feeling burned by expectations of the vision Bungie had laid out."

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D3TH_D33LR856d ago

I hope so. Vanilla destiny content wasn't enough and the paywall was too much. Looking forward to giving this another shot after work tonight!

GearSkiN856d ago

This game is such an amazing game, that disappointed alot of people...

ninsigma856d ago

I really hope it becomes the game we all hoped it would be at the start. I loved Destiny when it released but there's no denying the flaws. Hopefully Bungie have rectified those and the game becomes even more enjoyable for those who are still playing and more accessible for those just joining or jumping back in (Me! :D)

InMyOpinion856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

So basically it is what we were promised when we bought the game, but didn't receive. And now they want us to pay full price again(!) to get what should have been there from the start. Bungie can take their 'vision' and shove it...

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The story is too old to be commented.