You Can Do Anything in PlayStation’s Wacky, Charming New Commercial

PlayStation capped off its pre-TGS 2015 press conference this morning with a rousing, wacky new commercial for its Japanese audience.

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FallenAngel19841160d ago

This many bombs released in just their pre-shoe makes you wonder what they'll unveil at the actual show

Omegasyde1160d ago

You sure this wasn't Sony's main conference? If not, thats crazy.

rmeitz11160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

It is their main conference - he meant "pre-show" since it comes before TGS 2015 officially begins (Thursday 9/17).

ninsigma1160d ago

Wait. So the conference IS on Wednesday?? I started thinking was today after all theset announcements!

rmeitz11159d ago

Nope, this was the conference - TGS officially begins tomorrow (9/17).

thereapersson1160d ago

That is the Greatest commercial I've ever seen.

Angeljuice1160d ago

Grrrr, it has been taken down. Will I ever get to see it?