New Danganronpa Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

Returning to its visual novel roots, the game features all of the mono bears featured in the series.

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ashen1221188d ago

Yessssss loved1&2 not sure if I'm happier that I get danganronpa 3 or get to play it on the big screen

LAWSON721188d ago

I really need to pick these up and then find the time to play them

Protagonist1187d ago

Most definitely getting localized.

noxeven1187d ago

Awesome. I'm enjoying ultra despair girls atm. I just wonder were this one will take place on the time line

FullmetalRoyale1187d ago

Just beat the first one last week and working on the platinum. I am so excited to play through two, and then Despair Girls! I was hoping that if DR3 was revealed for PS4 that it'd also be on Vita. Though playing it in the big screen sounds fantastic, I like to play it in bed as a substitute for reading, so I don't think PS4 is the way to go, for me. :)

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