First Yakuza HD Remake Announced For PlayStation 4

Sega announced during the SCEJA Press Conference 2015 their 10th anniversary project for the Yakuza series with a first look at Yakuza Kiwami, an “ultimate” remake of the first Yakuza.

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DarkOcelet859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

I read that Shenmue HD Remake for some reason. Oh well, thats awesome news for Yakuza fans.

Hopefully it get localized though lol.

morganfell859d ago

5 and 0 are coming so it seems they are starting to track fully in the West.

DarkOcelet859d ago

I really want Sega of the old again to come back in full force.

morganfell859d ago

Agreed. They really are having a strong showing in Sony's presser. Fantastic titles.

akiraburn859d ago

Hey Morgan, I know 5 is set for release in just a few months, but I couldn't find any exact info about 0's localization plans. I saw some mentions of it around the web from last year's PSX event, but nothing confirming it. I was hoping you might have heard/seen something with confirmation of it. I thought I heard Nagoshi mention Yakuza 5 and 0 during the conference, but I wasn't positive, and the translator wasn't able to keep up well during some of that discussion. Any ideas?

Last_Boss859d ago


If SEGA of old returns, there will be a split in the heavens.

_-EDMIX-_859d ago

Is Zero really coming to the west? I didn't hear anything about that other then 5 coming through PSN.

(I like how I'm asking Big Boss if Zero is coming to the west lolz)

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morganfell859d ago

And Yakuza 6 is coming fall of 2016.


Id buy Yakuza 0-5 if they were all released on the PS4.

masterfox859d ago

awww come on release Yakuza 5 on the west.

paul-p1988859d ago

They are, they just haven't announced a release date yet. I think it's meant to be by the end of the calendar year though

Kosic859d ago

i've never played these, so I'll look forward to them being ported forward with some tweaking. Bare in mind the pricing off remakes as well.

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