Does PS4 Need PS2 Classics? The Short Answer Is "Yes"

It's possible that PlayStation 4 might soon be able to play select PS2 games and given the available variety, that's probably a darn good idea.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1184d ago

More is never a bad thing. I would love to play many PS2 games I didn't play before

WalterWJR1184d ago

Play the PS2? You will not regret hooking up a PS2 to an older CRT TV and just playing the the games are very cheap to buy these days.

bmf73641184d ago

Yeah most local game retails have PS2's and games for it lying around. Remember the system sold over 152 million units.

deaddragonz1183d ago

All I want is NFS Underground-Carbon and SvR series

Thatguy-3101184d ago

It doesn't NEED it but it'll be a welcome addition. There's a few games I really would love to play again and introduce to my small nephew.

WitWolfy1184d ago

Lets be realistic here. The PS4 does need BC. If you want to admit it or not.

Eiyuuou1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I don't see why it would.

Thatguy-3101184d ago

why would I NEED to play my old games???? plus so many new games that are coming out no need to stay back playing games i passed already.

twiggytree121184d ago

I have a first generation 60gb PS3 that plays damn near every PS2 and PS1 game. My PS4 doesn't need BC, I am perfectly content Playing 4 generation's worth of playstation games with 2 consoles.

freshslicepizza1184d ago

"why would I NEED to play my old games???? plus so many new games that are coming out no need to stay back playing games i passed already."

some people like playing old games because they are still fun, imagine that. shhh, don't tell anyone, but some people still have vinyl out there too.

if sony didn't think there was a need they would not have invested in playstation now.

Spotie1183d ago

@moldy: That doesn't explain why dboyc310 would NEED to play his old games, or why the PS4 would NEED BC.

Yes, games from previous generations are great; they don't stop being great just because the new generation has arrived. Hell, until all my stuff was stolen, I still had a PS2 along with a BC PS3, so I could play everything.

But you see, that's the thing, moldy. Most people that want to play their old games tend to keep their old consoles. It is, after all, the most reliable way to play those old games. It works 100% of the time, with no concern for whether or not this game or that game is compatible, or if this or that title has been added to the supported list.

Which is why it's not NEEDED, even if it's a damn awesome feature to have.

And, once again, PSNow is NOT the same. Or do you have to be reminded, once more, of how it's available on more than PlayStation hardware? That kinda negates the "PSNow is Sony's answer to BC" claim that you and others keep saying. Repeat it all you want; it won't become truth.

jb2271183d ago

Not sure why the PS4 would "need" a BC feature for 3 gens removed. Is there anyone in existence who sold their PS1's & PS2's but kept all of their games for 2 decades? I think PSNow definitely needs a lifetime library of PS games but why on earth would it "need" the capability to throw a ps1 game into the tray & play it? What the PS4s "needs" & what it is receiving is new games, not the potential to replay a bunch of old ones on a new console.

rainslacker1183d ago

Wouldn't say need. Very nice to have, sure...why not if it doesn't cost anything.

In any case, I believe this is speaking more about the ability to download digital versions of PS2 titles, like the PS3/PSP/VIta can do with many PS1 titles.

To answer that, I would say it doesn't NEED them. But why not if they can be made available. So long as Sony doesn't force me or others to buy them, I can't see why it should bother others, and I'm sure people would find some use out of it.

Otherwise, I think we'll see some of this become available through PS Now...which in itself is not BC, and no one is forcing anyone to use it.

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_-EDMIX-_1184d ago

Agreed. Would be nice, being the fastest selling console of all time right now.....doesn't really sound like they "need" that.

Imalwaysright1184d ago

A gamer saying that more games aren't needed just doesn't seem right to me.

playtimewilltell1184d ago

It's incredibly important to preserve the medium's history, vital if we're serious about treating it as an artform.

Of course, any and all "Classics" released is a good thing. PS2, PS1, bring it all, everything possible anyway.

_-EDMIX-_1184d ago

I agree with many who are saying its not needed, but I also really, really agree with your point. Games are much harder to re-release as remasters then something like a film or music as those methods change, but are easily BC (ie film anyway) where music doesn't change SO much that it needs a new format or something.

Gaming on the other hand changes at such a rapid pace that releasing new hardware is the norm and BC is hard to do when we don't have a set architecture type, hopefully this gen does and could aid in preserving that history.

I'd like to see a program set in place for them to digitally do those games somewhere as I don't see them re-releasing systems or anything like that.

I like what MS is doing with BC as the way they are doing it is pretty huge, they are at a point where they can emulate that hardware for many, many gens to come based on how that hardware was in the past.

rainslacker1183d ago

Can't remember who it is, but there is already some organization trying to digitally preserve every game ever made. PS2 and PS1 games are likely already at 100% preserved through pirate sites anyhow, but something more official and sanctioned would be nice. Private collections are abundant as well...although it's not exactly as accessible as what's being talked about here.

I wouldn't rely on the console manufacturers to preserve their history in a commercial form for the long term, so while I appreciate the intention behind your comment, I think what this article talks about comes up short from what you are wanting.

In any case, it would be impossible for the manufacturers to provide a 100% digitally preserved catalog due to licensing restrictions. Games may be an art form, but it's still subject to copyright and legalities.

playtimewilltell1183d ago

Of course, which is why I said "everything possible".

Anyway, if you remember the organization's name, let me know either here or through PM. I would love to write a piece on them. Thanks :)

rainslacker1183d ago

Quick google search brought up University of Texas, but that doesn't sound like the one I'm thinking of. May be though. I haven't read about it in over a year now so really have no idea where they're at in the process.

PhoenixUp1184d ago

I wonder if all PS2 Classics will work with PS4 or whether they need to be resubmitted.

I say PS2 Classics should also be enabled to work on Vita as well

WitWolfy1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I bet my bottom dollar that Sony can emulate PS2 games with no problem on the PS4. Heck they could even do it on PS3. Modders took advantage of this method for those who didnt have 20GB or 60GB consoles.

It was just a simple place the PS2 image in a modified folder that the PS3 recognized as a executable file.

I see some people dont believe me...

Here's a link for Jailbreak PS3's. AVJ0k4

rainslacker1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

PS2 can be tricky at times due to some of the nuances of the emotion engine still not working well in emulation...even on powerful machines. PS3 did it with hardware, but only a few PS2 games were able to be emulated on the PS3 through software. Whether that was from lack of interest in developing an emulator or because it wasn't possible to develop one I couldn't say.

PS1 games shouldn't be a problem though. There are numerous emulators on PC which work with much lower specs than the PS4 provides, and Sony has had a working emulator on the PS3/PSP/Vita for about a decade now. There is absolutely no reason technically Sony couldn't provide it on the PS4, and it's actually one criticism I have of them this gen because I feel they're holding that back for PSNow.

SaveMeJebus1184d ago

I'd say the PS4 should play/stream every Playstation game, but that might be a tall order.

Rimeskeem1184d ago

I'm not a technological engineer or anything but I think it is totally possible for the PS4 to play PSone and PS2 games BC. PS3 is supposedly vastly different in architecture compared with the PS4 (CELL) so I'm not 100% sure on that.

WitWolfy1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

If my Softmod xbox original could play PSX games back in the day then OF COURSE THE PS4 can! It's Sony forcing people who dont own PS3's or PSV's to use their PSNOW services if they really wanna play it.

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