The 5 Weirdest Sony Devices

"I talk about the 5 weirdest Sony PlayStation devices. From weird business choices, to just weird in general! What devices from Sony do you think are the weirdest? Do you agree with us?" -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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LaWiiG1157d ago

I think the PSP was weird in itself. I mean the tech was cool and all with the UmD, but Sony often pushes its own media with their consoles and doesn't always find success. The memory stick duo was and is expensive as hell.

brettnll1157d ago

I agree. What a weird idea lol. Seems like they were mainly just trying to be unique.

parentsbasement1157d ago

I wouldn't call any of that "weird"....the book thing maybe...

brettnll1157d ago

It's not always the device that's the weird part. Could also be the timing (PSP Go) and the lack of marketing (PSTV). Makes you really wonder what was the point of following through with releasing these things. Xperia phone could have been something special, then Sony didn't fully support it. WHY!? lol. Just weird.

Wonderbook is weird, but that easy platinum though!

WitWolfy1157d ago

I cant get over this dudes comb over.

brettnll1157d ago

Comb over? Never heard that before lol =]

dkrusen871157d ago

I used to own a psp..first 1000 then 2000 then 3000 then after that I had a psp go and then I finally got a ps vita brand new..then lost that and the later in the year or month got a new used version of the the journey has been really out there for me for the systems I used to own..all of them were great in there own special way..