Top 10 PlayStation 1 RPGs

There very well may have been no better era for original role-playing games.

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Relientk771191d ago

So many amazing JRPGs on PS1

no_more_heroes1191d ago

I'm currently watching an LP of both FFVIII (currently on hold by the LPer) and FFIX (from another guy). I'm not sure if its down to the style of the LPer, but I much prefer IX to VIII. IX seems to make more sense to me atm, but most of all the soundtrack is incredible!

Wish I could play it (and no, I won't resort to emulation).

gamejediben1190d ago

For me, the order of best PS1 Final Fantasies go like this:

FF Tactics > FFVII > FFIX >>> All other PS1 RPGs > FFVIII

I used to hate VIII with a passion but recent entries of the series (especially XIII) have made me reconsider why I hate it so much.

Part of it is the "draw" system in battle. I hate having to get into a battle to draw magic just so I can cast magic. Whoever came up with this system needs to be dragged into the street, beaten with a rusted pipe and then publicly urinated on.

The other part is the awful and ridiculous story. At one point in the game, you end up in outer space for what seems like no reason at all. Things happen in this game with no explanation whatsoever. The game can't seem to figure out what it wants to be. And for a "love story" it never once uses the word "love" at all.

Having said all that, there are way worse FF games out there. When this series sucks, its pretty awful but when this series succeeds, it's some of the best gaming to be had. I hope FFXV is great but with such awesome RPG makers out there now, I'm not holding my breath. Fallout 4 will still be there for me.

WeAreLegion1190d ago

So many good games.

Gravity Rush 2 announced for PS4! Had to share.

ninsigma1190d ago

Yes! First one was awesome! Shame it's not on vita but it's welcome all the same :D

gamejediben1190d ago

I've played most of these games and they all deserve a place on this list but what is Dragon Valor doing under "honorable mentions"?

I remember the press pouring out gallons of hate on that game at launch. Why that game but not Valkyrie Profile or Breath of Fire III or IV? I've never played Dragon Valor but has anyone else had a good experience with it?

Also, why Lunar 1 but not Lunar 2? Wasn't Lunar 2 indisputably better? The PS1 had so many great RPGs that making even a top 20 list would be difficult. So many all but forgotten gems like Threads of Fate, Brave Fencer Musashi, Jade Cocoon and Alundra.

But Dragon Valor? Seriously?

brando0081190d ago

Just started Suikoden II last night :)