What I would like From Nintendo under It’s New CEO Tatsumi Kimishima

Two months after the passing of Satoru Iwata Nintendo has presented it’s fifth president of the corporation Tatsumi Kimishima. Although not Iwata’s first choice as successor Kimishma has plenty of experiences with Nintendo, being the president of Nintendo of America from 2002-2006 and Chief Financial Officer of The Pokemon Company among other positions listed in a pdf file released by Nintendo. Even though it maybe temporary as it’s been stated he would only be president for a year there are somethings I would like Kimishima to do during his time, laying down the foundation for the company to work on in the future Here is a few things I would like

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killatia1187d ago

I don't think firing him will do anything for Nintendo. Beside he's a great source of good internet Memes.

donthate1187d ago

Nintendo's problem is cultural and Japan centric, and has nothing to do with Fils-Aime.

First they need to get these out of touch old geezer executives and get some young executives in like Phil Spencer. Real gamers!

Secondly, they need to update their old culture into fast paced startup mode.

killatia1187d ago

While I'll agree with you that Nintendo is Japan Centric donthate Mr.Kimishima was the president of NoA from 2002-2006 so I do think he knows there's a market outside Japan

-Foxtrot1187d ago

Apparently he is sticking with Iwatas plan laid out before his death so I doubt we'd see much change. Not until the end of Iwatas current plan.

However if he was one of those people who said the Wii U has failed maybe he might be more willing to try and "respectfully" change some things he doesn't like from the current plan.

BattleAxe1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I'd actually like to see some competence this time around. Having the WiiU fail so bad, and then sitting there saying that they'll continue to stay the course, makes me think that they are not at all aware of space and time itself... I wish them luck, but it's not looking good.

killatia1187d ago

Well if the rumored released date of 2016 is true for the NX then I do not see the point of changing the course too dramatically.

TuxedoMoon1187d ago

I really hope he isn't the type to stubbornly drill the company into the ground, kill off creative talent, and focus on mobile and pachinko machines...

killatia1187d ago

Last thing we need is another Konami

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