Sony Patents Motion Tracking Controller

Sony's attempt to quietly patent new controller technologies did not go unnoticed by members of the online press. The Unwired View found that U.S. Patent application 20060282873 was awarded to Sony on December 14, 2006 for a "Hand-held Controller Having Detectable Elements for Tracking Purposes." The patent was originally filed on May 8, 2006 -- exactly one day before the Wii controller was publically demonstrated at E3.

An array of photonically detectable elements, likely to be LEDs, can be mounted or built into a game controller and be sensed by an image capturing device when the elements are oriented at least partly towards the screen.

The image-capturing device proposed in the patent is a camera, though it is unclear if it is a traditional camera like the EyeToy peripheral for PS2.

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MicroGamer4357d ago

didn't neglect to file for patent protection for the Wii controller. If they did, and Sony found out about it, then their filing of a patent application first would give them a lot of power in the courts if they decided to sue Nintendo for infringing. It doesn't matter who came up with the idea first, just who patented it first. We could end up seeing Nintendo brought down for forgetting to file a form.

Siesser4356d ago

A: I have little doubt that Nintendo patented every single piece of tech thrown into that controller, and

B: I'm sure that, just like every technology, this is Sony trying to lock down a certain version of it, and that it's different from Wii's.