Finally You Can See the Sick World of Waluigi in Super Mario Maker

This is what Super Mario Maker was invented for. This is what it was meant to be.

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Zotaku871162d ago

This is simultaneously the greatest and saddest thing I have ever seen. Poor neglected Waluigi.

idsanty1162d ago

Right? It's so perfect! I wish Nintendo would come out with a solo adventure for Waluigi.

MasterCornholio1162d ago

I always liked the Wario games better than the Mario games. I bet Nintendo could give Waluigi a very wacky and fun title if they wanted to.

GordonKnight1162d ago

Nintendo should've done that during the year of Luigi. Still it would be a welcomed entire.

1161d ago
MasterCornholio1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Its Waluigi time.


I feel bad for the poor guy. He really deserves his own game.

GigawattConduit1162d ago

Well, that was...yeah, that was a thing.