Gaming's 20 Greatest Challenges

Edge investigates the 20 biggest challenges facing the game industry, and how they might be overcome.

They include the obstacles the industry faces in the changing ways games are made, marketed and sold. The shifting profile of consumers, new competitors and strange technologies is also discussed.

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cloudman3786d ago

This is one of the best articles i have ever read!!!!

Viktor E3786d ago

They forgot to mention the Challenge of finding a Working Xbox 360 console

Solid_Snake6663786d ago

lol true but then again y try thats impossible

fafoon3786d ago

Greatest Gaming challenge ?

Trying to complete a game on the Xbox
Without getting the 3 little red flashing lights
That the Bots love so much !!!!!!

Zerodin3786d ago

No wait...what's that word that means the opposite? Sony! Ah that's it.

Viktor E3786d ago

Absolutely correct,the Red Ring of Death is an International health and financial Risk for Millions of people

whoknew3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Yes! Thanx to the help of my multiple accounts I took this Sony droid down to 3 bubbles WOOOOO!

kingfury3785d ago

#1 gettin Xbox 360 to flash green lights instead of red