I'm not excited for Homefront: The Revolution anymore

Mike Cosimano:

"The most exciting part of my Homefront: The Revolution PAX Prime theater demo was a newspaper. I caught a fleeting glimpse of the headline, surmised from that excerpt that I would find a delicious morsel of worldbuilding, and made it my mission to find said newspaper once my hands-on time began."

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SaveFerris1185d ago

I wonder what Kim Jong-un will think of this game?

OhMyGandhi1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I do...And what about JLO rocking that new ring bling? did someone say "I do!"? I also heard that Brangelina's marriage is on the rocks! I want to know all the juicy insider info!

On topic:
I disliked the first Homefront, though the premise was pretty interesting, and this one looks about as generic as it gets...

rdgneoz31185d ago

I hear he loved the first one. Not sure what he'll think of this one.

gangsta_red1185d ago

I never was, it seems just way too generic and forgettable.

jb2271184d ago

Gotta agree, maybe it has the potential of pulling a Wolfenstein & ending up far better than many would've assumed but it's looking doubtful. These games are dying out for the most part, this gen is all about the open world apparently. I bet we get an open world Homefront reboot just in time for that genre to start dying out as well.

gangsta_red1184d ago

Yea, maybe it will be a sleeper hit with a knockout story but looking at this game it encompasses every generic shooter/modern warfare cliche that we have been given from last gen up until now.

I agree, these types of games look to be dying a slow death and this game jumped on a bit late trying to capture the FPS hype of last gen.

ThatEnglishDude1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Anymore? As if anyone was excited to begin with. This game is going to suck worse than a $2 whore with no teeth and a gum disease.

Lon3wolf1185d ago

Ah you use her too I see, yeah a buck fifty would be a fairer price.


I like the look of this game so will keep an eye on it.

user99502791185d ago

Looks like it's just lifting a bunch of tired concepts from UBI games and shoving them in an open world shooter. Slap a pretty trailer on it and your bound to drag in some mindless players.

I really liked the first Homefront, as it was one of the only shooters on X360 last gen (if not the only game) with 50+ players in PVP. Why couldn't they just focus their efforts on crafting a great multiplayer?

Bismarn1185d ago

The headline should have been: "Someone Was Excited About Homefront: The Revolution"

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