Uncharted 4 Will Wrap Up Loose Ends, Include Things Old Fans Will Like Without Forgetting Newcomers

During a livestream on Twitch, Naughty Dog Writer Josh Scherr and Lead Animator Eric Baldwin talked about what you can expect from the story of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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Thatguy-3101159d ago

Can't wait!!! Really hoping old faces show up.

Abriael1159d ago

I'm just hoping for a happy ending.

MrSec841158d ago

Despite the statement of saying this will tie up loose ends, it doesn't mean the game will be the last ever in the series.

If it does happen to the be that, it doesn't have to be happy, so long as whatever ending there is makes logical and meaningful sense for the game.

I have faith that whatever direction Naughty Dog takes Uncharted 4, it will go that way because it makes sense to do so.

badz1491158d ago

I hope there will be lots of drama as well. I like how Elena expresses her disappointment in Drake at the end of the last gameplay stream. Drake just can't resist an old habit does he? But clearly Elena wanted a normal marriage life. But cunning wild fox like Drake aren't gonna sit at home and work office hours!

Can't wait!

-Foxtrot1159d ago

I can't really think of anything which needs wrapping up. Just small things like why Elena and Drake broke up so many times, how Elena knew Cutter, how Chloe and Drake met or even Cutter.

I just hope to god Elena is not pregnant.

Thatguy-3101158d ago

Think what he means is wrapping up loose ends that Uncharted 3 brought to the characters.

LarVanian1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

The Uncharted comicbook by Joshua Williamson shows Drake and Chloe's first meeting.
I hope we get to see some flashbacks of Drake's time at the orphanage and how he came to believe that he is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. I have somewhat of a feeling that this may have been nothing more than a fable made up by Sam as a way of messing with his younger brother.
It would be cool if the events of Uncharted: The Fourth Labrinyth were mentioned in the game as well, even if it was only in a passing comment.

DragonDDark1159d ago

Can't wait. Hopefully after U4.. this will be my best series ever.

AstroCyborg1158d ago

screw newcomers they have the collection to get them on pace with the story

NewZealander1158d ago

If they do when whole kiss and fly into the sunset bs for a fourth time I'm going be pissed

Rhythmattic1158d ago

Maybe they have children , born as clowns? .... Mwhaahahah

BLAKHOODe1158d ago

The only question I have is who IS "Nathan Drake"? Since we were told that isn't even his real name in, I think, Uncharted 3.

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