10 Gaming Sequels That Must Be Announced In 2015/2016

If even half of these games end up getting unveiled then we’re going to have a lot to look forward towards the end of the year and heading into 2016.

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Jackhass1189d ago

Agree on most of these, especially The Last of Us 2.

Hugos1188d ago

Agree too. TLoU2 is one of the must-to-be-made games ever. There will be also nice to see some shooters or Sci-Fi games. But luckly in next year [when we speak about sequels] will be released Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. From corridored game he's grown to be a open world game and gaves player a non-linear way to do the tasks. There also will be possibiliy to make some ammo or traps, which sounds good.