August 2015 NPD Sales Analysis: PS4/XBO Combined Tracking 45% Ahead Of PS3/360

ZhugeEX writes: "Sales of the next generation consoles have been fairly healthy with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined total tracking 45% ahead of the PS3 and 360 total in the same time frame."

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Heyxyz1161d ago

Yep. Consoles are dying...

Justiceleague1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The PS4 is selling like hotcakes. I still feel like the Xbox one should be closer to 20 million sales though

0to1001161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I have NEVER bought a hot cake.

uptownsoul1161d ago

When PS4 wins an NPD its usually by an average of 45,000 units

miyamoto1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

hmn.... rumors and speculations.... no official numbers yet for Xbox One? I wonder why? Freeloading much?

Enough of these freeloading articles and reputation management!!!!

Console gaming is alive thanks to the PlaySaviour4.

Statistics proves that, without the PS4, the 8th generation console gaming is DEAD with just the Xbone and Wii U.

Even without the PS4 I am sure gamers will still be happy playing games with their PS3s and 360s.

donthate1161d ago

The PS4 is selling well because of regions outside of UK/US. They are in over a 100 regions compared to around 50 for Xbox One.

In that respect, Xbox One is doing really well. Surprised Xbox one sold only 5k or so less consoles than PS4 this august, so MS is making huge strides in minimizing that monthly sales gap.

uptownsoul1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


"The PS4 is selling well because of regions outside of UK/US. They are in over a 100 regions compared to around 50 for Xbox One." -- NPD says PS4 has 810k lead...NPD ONLY records USA numbers.

"Surprised Xbox one sold only 5k or so less consoles than PS4 this august" -- Xbox should have outsold the PS4 by a mile since almost everything was in Xbox's favor ("Winning" GamesCom, Exclusive commercials for Madden/NFL, Best Buy $400 Samsung TV&XB1 combo deal)...What did Playstation have in its favor for August again?

"MS is making huge strides in minimizing that monthly sales gap" -- The gap increased from 800k (after July) to 810k (after August)...You do know thats the opposite of minimizing...

WillyC0091161d ago


That may be the most comical thing I've read in a long time. Thanks for the good laugh! Keep telling yourself that's the case if it somehow makes you feel better. lol

freshslicepizza1161d ago

the xbox one is still tracking higher than the xbox 360 did yet some act like it's not selling well. the thing is the ps4 is just selling much better.

donthate1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


"The gap increased from 800k (after July) to 810k (after August)...You do know thats the opposite of minimizing... "

I said, monthly sales gap, not cumulative!

Compare the same month difference in sales last year to this year in the same month.

Reading comprehension helps!

Also, notice the cumulative gap is rapidly decelerating.

reallyNow1161d ago

That's a fine point made about hotcakes.

nix1161d ago

Actual reality is - PS4 is selling as much as 360 and PS3 put together in the same time frame. That's how well it is selling.

Griever1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The Xbox One is selling great. The normal annuals sales for consoles have always been 8 to 12 million. Sometimes, they even sold just 6 million in the first year. The PS4 is just selling extraordinary so it makes Xbox One sales look bad. Similar to how the Wii was selling extraordinary and made PS3 and Xbox 360 sales look bad.

Wolfgang1871161d ago

It's been proven that cooler temperature cakes sells far better than hotcakes

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DragoonsScaleLegends1161d ago

I still wonder if overall sales are down since Nintendo's console isn't selling good. I want to see a analysis that compares PS3/X360/Wii to PS4/XB1/WiiU. We already know the handheld sales are down compared to the previous generation.

mkis0071161d ago

I think That would very be a flawed argument though. Wii brought in tons of people like my mom who would not have touched video games otherwise. I think some mat stay now that they had that entry barrier removed, but it will be a while before we learn just how many were converted.

ZhugeEX1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Certainly when you add the Wii into the equation then it's clear that there are less people adopting consoles this generation (as of today) compared to the same point in time last gen.

This is a trend that the industry as a whole has known was coming. The Wii had a very fast growing install base and a lot of companies were able to develop games to make bank off the Wii's success. The PS3 and 360 also did well and last gen there was around 270m+ installed base.

This gen, the install base is set to decline as we don't really have a mass market product like the Wii that sells to everyone. Yes the PS4 is doing amazing but it's clear that a lot of the audience is moving to mobile/tablet/online experiences for gaming and not really purchasing consoles.

It's why we see companies develop console games, but also port those experiences/create new experiences for mobile with those IP's. Mobile is growing very fast whilst the console market isn't growing at all (but is stable).

The good thing about the console install base is that they're loyal and spending more money then ever so publishers will still cater to console gamers. But there is plenty of money to be made on PC/Mobile/Online so that's why we're also seeing plenty of support there.

Some companies like Konami are taking a very extreme approach to this decline in console install base and dropping a lot of their console IP to focus on Mobile / PC whilst other, smarter companies, are taking a balanced approach like Square Enix and investing in all areas of gaming.

ZeroX98761161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The Wii won the casual market, but one thing we know for sure, be it smartphone games or consoles, the casual market is most of the time a one-hit wonder(not always, I know).

development of customer loyalty with casuals is extremely hard in the gaming division. Nintendo felt that backlash with the Wii U, not being able to bring their previous Wii customers to the new system. Let's hope they come back greater than ever in their next hardware release.

Silly Mammo1161d ago

Makes me wonder how much the Recession stunted the growth of the PS3/X360.

MeliMel1161d ago

Is there any more room in gaming Heaven?
We've been to soo many console funerals. Every yr they're

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Godz Kastro1161d ago

Great news for the industry.

_-EDMIX-_1161d ago

Agreed. We've seen growth in console, PC and...yuk mobile lol, but still growth. Industry's doing pretty damn good right now.

Donjune1161d ago

Dammm! Looking good for this new generation of consoles!

Masterchief_thegoat1161d ago

amazing how ps4 and x1 doing compare ps3 and 360 days. this generation has been amazing start

AngelicIceDiamond1161d ago

Now this is my favorite type of news. To see both consoles combined performing extremely well.

MeliMel1161d ago

I guess folks don't like good news!

reallyNow1161d ago

"the combined weight of a truck and a paperclip"

Kingdomcome2471161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

What a hilarious comparison. I guess if a truck weighed less than twice that of a paperclip... On a sad note. My girlfriend was in a pretty bad car wreck (three broken ribs, femur, collarbone, and a grade two concussion). I came home from the hospital to grab a change of clothes to find my house broken into. My Xbox One, 4tb of external Xbox One storage, two Xbox One controllers, Kinect, PS4 camera, PS3, a PS4, two PS4 controllers, two dual charging stands, about sixty physical games, a Surface Pro 3, a regular laptop, Astros A40s, and some other non gaming related items (class ring, family jewelry, a couple pounds of venison (seriously),etc...) all stolen. I guess they weren't able to make off with my tv's. I'm heartbroken. I'm just hoping that they can be recovered, even if the odds aren't great. If not, it looks like I'll be adding a tally to the sales columns of each console this month. :'(

Tony-A1161d ago


Wow, sorry to hear that man. I hope your lady fully recovers quickly and authorities are able to find the desperate a-holes that did that. I've had a pretty bad series of unfortunate events happen to me back in May. It's tough but you'll make it just fine!

XanderZane1161d ago

Looks like they will exceed last gen numbers before this generation is over. Great news.

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