Donut Drake Isn't the Only Donut Character in The Nathan Drake Collection

There are more chunky heroes in the upcoming remaster trilogy.

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Rimeskeem855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

I always wondered if the donut characters had bigger hitboxes...

(legit question, not meant to offend anyone)

Bathyj855d ago

No ones offended. Fat people are the last people youre still allowed to make fun of. Its a good thing theyre so jolly.

WeAreLegion855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

Fat guy here. Can confirm. Not like we could chase you, anyway.

That's actually a really good question though. I would imagine they do.

Summons75855d ago

True but that won't last too much longer with this whole "it's okay to not be skinny" trend going on...took long enough for people to start thinking healthy and trying to loose a little weight and now we have people shaming people that do want to loose weight and be healthy. Anyway, not the forum, Donut Drake is awesome can't wait for a Donut Sully!

Aenea855d ago

Brutal difficulty explained!

You a donut, the enemies are skeletons! Good luck! :D

Scatpants855d ago

I'm offended by that and it's triggering my ptsd

JackVagina855d ago

Feminazis rejoice! Elena and Chloe can finally be portrayed realistically

tanukisuit855d ago

I would totally use Donut Chloe and Elena in co-op, just sayin'!

Bathyj855d ago

Man, I just read your comment but I didnt register the word "use".

WeAreLegion855d ago

Would still marry both of them.

tanukisuit855d ago


Honest mistake, I'm sure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

bobsmith855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

this offensive to overweight ppl

BitbyDeath855d ago

It's a life choice they can work it off anytime. ;-)

WeAreLegion855d ago

Lol. Agreed. I need to lose weight, but why get offended by this? It's not hateful. It's just sort of funny.

Aenea855d ago

I'm overweight but it's not exactly by choice, stupid meds make me gain weight and makes it more difficult to shed it.

Then again I'm not that easily offended if it's done in a fun way, saying nasty things about people is just nasty no matter what they are about, but this isn't that!

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The story is too old to be commented.