Uncharted:The Nathan Drake Collection:Bluepoint Didn't Take "Easy" Route;Brutal Difficulty Confirmed

Today, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Uncharted series hosted a streaming event over on Twitch in the run up to the release of the Nathan Drake Collection which will hit PS4 on October 9th.

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Kalebninja953d ago

I would never get past the fire demon part on that mode...

Rimeskeem953d ago

If you want the plat i think you may have to.

Vitalogy952d ago

Laughing at the title "Brutal Difficulty Confirmed" XD seriously, this has been confirmed several weeks ago officially in the PS Blogs *sigh*

corroios953d ago

Damn, this is gonna sell so much...

But who are Bluepoint Games? what have they done before to make the Uncharted:The Nathan Drake Collection?

It shame that didnt make a theme uncharded PS4 and pad.

itsjustexuma953d ago

They only make ports and remastered collections they ported and remastered games like
God of War Collection
The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the Vita

corroios953d ago

Very cool. Didnt know that.

Bathyj953d ago

Which is why the whole "I wished there werent remasters because I dont want devs wasting their time on it" argument holds to water.

Its not like Sony has to stop working on other games. Its not like Naughty Dog had to allocate time to this and delayed Uncharted 4 at all. Its not stopping devs from making new games.

Its fact its providing work for Bluepoint who ONLY do Remasters as you pointed out, and do them well, and otherwise might not have jobs.

I cant see any downside to this unless people really thing remasters stop new game from being made, which clearly isnt true.

crazychris4124953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Doubt Sony or Microsoft would make limited edition consoles for collections. They save them for their new 1st party games and 3rd party games that they have deals with like COD AW for Microsoft and Battlefront for Sony. Hope we get a UC4 limited edition bundle.

XeroTheory953d ago

There's already been an XBox One limited edition system with the Master Chief Collection. I'm not saying its a guarantee, but I wouldn't put it past Sony to do one with Uncharted.

crazychris4124953d ago

Those are regular bundles. Its the game with a standard console. Were talking about custom consoles like the blue Forza 6 X1s or the red MGS 5 PS4s. Halo MCC with a white xbox and controller isnt custom. Sunset Overdrive also had a white bundle.

Skate-AK953d ago

They have done some Vita ports too. They are hands down the best porting team there is.

Skate-AK953d ago

I have the platinum for every Uncharted, including Golden Abyss so I have beat them all on Crushing too. Happy that there is a new difficulty to try. Crushing was a little tricky in some spots so I am intrested to see how much harder Burtal is.

Knushwood Butt953d ago

Final U2 boss on crushing was tough.

DrumBeat953d ago

A great addition to the PS4 library. Absolutely brilliant games.