PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets Substantial Price Drops on North American PlayStation Store

If you are in North America and you want to get Driveclub on the cheap, this is the right moment, as Sony finally dropped the price of the game and on the season pass on the North American PlayStation Store as well, matching the discounts granted on the European storefront a while ago.

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loopygames1163d ago

I had to do a double take at the price for the base game + season pass. What a great deal for a game that will offer many hours of content and fun.

Abriael1163d ago

Yeah. I paid full price for the season pass (had a review copy for the game, so I didn't need to pay for that, but I would have without batting an eyelid), and it's one of the best purchases of last year.

freshslicepizza1162d ago

does the season pass include new tracks? this is a very good price

SynestheticRoar1162d ago

Good news for sure. Thanks.

Griever1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Facepalm! Should have been patient!! Just bought it last month for $25. Haven't even played it yet. I wish I had waited and gotten the game with the season pass for just $20. Dont even have spare money to buy the season pass now since I just got the Destiny Legendary Edition. Man... regret it so much... T_T