Did Nintendo Just Rip-Off Their Fans?

Since Super Mario Maker may not have the content gamers were expecting, CheatCC wonders if it's still worth $60.

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killatia1190d ago

I do not believe they ripped-off there fan. They advertised it as a Mario game where you make Super Mario levels and they delivered on that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1190d ago

If this is considered a rip-off, then I've got a bridge in world 8 to sell ya.

Honestly, while it's true that there's room for improvement in every game, saying this isn't worth the entry price is just not true.

higgins781190d ago

I'm currently experimenting and playing through Mario Maker. The very last thing on my mind is rip-off. A 6 monthly instalment of a popular franchise could be considered a rip-off. A game of this magnitude, in which you can after years and years of wanting finally build and play all types of Mario game...EPIC.

This Nintendo trolling must stop.

gamingpro1190d ago

Lol at the hate. Idiots will try anything to try and discredit Nintendo, it always fails though. Lmao hate us cause they ain't us.

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The story is too old to be commented.