No Italian Plumber - How Sony Thrives Without a Mascot

Gamemoir's Nick D. takes a look at Sony’s perplexing lack of a PlayStation mascot and explains how Sony may be on to something.

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loopygames1188d ago

It just proves how diverse Playstation has become that they don't rely on one character to market their brand.

Masterchief_thegoat1188d ago

that can't be said, with the way nintendo handle their brand

gangsta_red1188d ago

Exactly, Nintendo has just of a wide and divers catalog of games and they are still able to have a face for the brand that everyone can associate with.

Nothing wrong with that.

Spotie1188d ago

Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and some also-rans. It's the same stuff every generation, and not too many new franchises are added to the rotation.

Sony adds something new every gen and doesn't let it be overshadowed by its previous franchises. Hell, they add MULTIPLE somethings that all stand well on their own. Uncharted and Resistance are from last gen. GOW and Killzone are from the one before. GT is from prior to that. This gen, there'll be new big franchises.

Nintendo definitely doesn't do that.

gangsta_red1188d ago


So Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Pikman just a few off the top of my head. I'm sure a hardcore Nintendo fan could name more just like you could for Sony Spotie.

IMO, Nintendo doesn't have as many in house (1st party) studio resources as say a Sony would for creating new and pumping out new IP's.

But Nintendo also adds something new to each gen as well as taking huge risks by reinventing old established franchises for the new gen also. Something Sony and MS could learn from instead of sequel after sequel of the same thing.

"Nintendo definitely doesn't do that."

You have to be kidding right? Nintendo has the most exclusives with the highest rate on metacritic and you honestly think their games can't stand on their own?

Nintendo has such iconic and historic characters that each game is highly anticipated and well received.

magiciandude1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Nintendo does a great job with maintaining their big franchises and keeping them relevant for today's gaming. As old Mario and Zelda are as franchises, they do something new with them or completely change the formula every generation. Super Mario 3D World plays nothing like Super Mario Bros. on NES. It sure doesn't even play the same as Super Mario 64 by any stretch of imagination. But then again, there's Mario Maker which does take classic Mario gameplay and lets Mario fans create their own content with it!

Sony on the other hand does the complete opposite with their IPs. Much of their bigger and better IPs from the past have fallen down from great to either good enough (Killzone, inFamous) or completely out of existence (Siphon Filter, SOCOM, Resistance, Jak, Wipeout, Motorstorm, Warhawk, etc.) Needless to say, the PS4's game library is a product of that, which means it lacks quality content despite its "massive variety of games." There's only one really good game for PS4 the nearly two years since it has launched, and that's Bloodborne, but that's something to be expected of From Software. Uncharted 4 is around the corner, but considering Amy Hennig is long gone, how the game's story will turn out remains to be known. Killzone SF is a shadow (no pun intended) of Killzone 2 & 3 on PS3. inFamous, though added quite a lot still suffered in overall quality from the Cole era inFamous games. The game is great, or not so great, depending on who you ask.

Much thanks to Nintendo's mascots, Wii U does have plenty of excellent and highly rated exclusives. There are third party games to look forward to on the Wii U also. You can't lie about that, despite the major problems with the system.

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Why o why1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Sony dont need a single has many characters that represent the brand. For my daughter, sackboy or doki, anything from nathan drake, ratchet and clank to kratos. Too many and it's why sony could do a smash brothers clone. Every year there's pretty much a new character sony could add to the playstation alstars roster.

strickers1188d ago

Just called variety. The reason most PlayStation fans come back. More new IP each gen than other 2 combined.

miyamoto1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Same old simple answer: 3rd Party Partnerships

The message is: "PlayStation: It's Your Platform"

Rock solid, faithful, loyal, full creative freedom and friendship 3rd Party Partnerships since the PSOne.

That tradition and principle has never waned through the 20 years and kept the PlayStation brand in the position of leadership.

The message is: "PlayStation: It's Your Platform" There is something for Everyone.
PlayStation could be any 3RD Party Partner's own platform. A PlayStation can be a platform for any kind of game not just a few. It does not want to be typecasted into any particular genre of game.

It's like water that can take the form of any container or any 3RD Party Partner's wish.

A simple principle and tradition that is completely different and opposite to that of Xbox and Nintendo.

You see at PlayStation 3rd Party happiness is numero uno priority and takes center stage. 1st party does not compete and takes a step back an focus on maxing out the power of the PlayStation hardware. Sony gives the peak season to its biggest 3rd party partners' wishes and release their 1st party sometimes else.

The friendship is so good that these 3RD Party Partners wants their game characters to be the 'face of PlayStation' and are willing to be absorbed and become subsidiary 1ST Party developers but still functioning with full creative freedom. Unfortunately for the other two competition I wonder why 3RD Party developers leave....

Be water my friend.

slate911188d ago

I would like to see you and rookie monster in the same room together.

FoxyGotGame1188d ago

Mascots are so passe. I haven't cared about that kind of thing since the 90's.

I think Sony gave up chasing any one PS Icon years ago. You can choose which character is most synonymous to PS. Kratos, Drake, Sackboy & Ratchet/Clank just a few examples /

SatanicEyeJesus1188d ago

That's it! You have my bubble!

miyamoto1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

You see Mario can be a either a blessing or a curse for Nintendo.
Master Chief can either be a blessing or a curse for Xbox.

Where at PlayStation it could be any gaming icon for different types of gamers.
Its very good the PlayStation is not type casted or confined to any genre or age level of games.

Also the PlayStation adapts with the ever present times and not confined by the past or nostalgia.

It always forward thinking. Producing new IPs and new ideas of games. It does not give spit whether the game sold multi millions safe sequels or new ips. It just tries to move on with something new.

It does not wait for the new generation of kiddie gamers to sell their rehashed Peter Pan mascots.

Hoffmann1188d ago

Nintendo has still only around 5 big game series and some "mascots". Sony creates or funds at least 5+ big game series per console.

Mascots are a thing of the past, back when the game industry was as small as a child in comparison to what it is now.

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