Nintendo NX: 15 Games That Should Be Released On Nintendo’s Upcoming Console

With a terrible E3, is Nintendo headed down a bleak future, or can the recently announced NX save the day with these releases?

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PigPen1163d ago

I agree with that list.

ABizzel11163d ago

The staples and givens are obvious Smash, Kart, Zelda, 3D Mario, Mario Party, but here are 15 game(s) that Nintendo really needs to get on their console.

1. Pokemon MMO (10m sales at launch) / Pokemon Stadium 3
2. 3D Metroid
3. Monster Hunter MMO
4. Mario RPG
5. Diddy Kong Racing
6. Pokemon Snap 2
7. Turok
8. Splatoon 2
9. Sonic Generations 3
10. Kid Icarus
11. F-Zero
12. Excite Truck
13. Earthbound
14. Golden Sun
15. Cruis’n the World

Finally they need a good amount of JP and Western AAA 3rd party dev support to keep their library full all year round.

In JP they could at least get 70% AAA parity with PS4 since Nintendo actually does well there which means Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Dragon Quest, and more huge JP franchises could finally be gracing the NX, and that alone will be a big win for Nintendo. On top of that they actually have a bit of muscle in JP, and they could get some devs to make exclusives for them adding more to the library.

This is where they have their work cut out for them, because western devs have almost given up on Nintendo entirely, and at best they'll be lucky to get 50% parity with PS4 / XBO at this point, and even that's a dream stretch goal at this point. This is why their hardware choices are so extremely important this go round. If they don't build a console that makes porting from PS4 / XBO to NX extremely easy, then they lose out on Western 3rd party support once again Day 1. If they do then they have a good chance of getting that 50% 3rd party parity that they desperately need with games like COD, Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed, and possibly even sports games appearing day and date with the competition.

wonderfulmonkeyman1163d ago

I would take a new Extreme G and Twisted Metal over Excite Truck and Cruis'n World, personally...

ABizzel11163d ago

Don't remember Extreme G, and I don't remember Twisted Metal ever being on Nintendo.

That being said I loved Excite Truck, it was one of the most fun and original racers in a long time when it launched on Wii. And Crusi'n the World could be Nintendo's more arcadey "Forza Horizon", which is a genre they definitely need.

Travis37081163d ago

I do not agree with that list

Pokemon colosseum or another DX pokemon game
Luigi mansion
Starfox Adventures 2
Sonic Adventure battle 3
Mario Galaxy 3
Bayonetta 3
Zelda U port
and many other games
I agree with Hyrule Warriors 2
and a few others

Highlife1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

While that will appease the die hard Nintendo crowd that list seems set up to fail as much add the wiiu. Will have to have way more 3rd party and something new for once. Not more wash rinse repeat.

slate911163d ago

I agree with pokemon shattering the earth and making the nx a must buy. But if nintendo wants to keep being incompetent/stubborn then oh well. At least we have pokemon go.

maxleresistant1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

My list is not about the games I want, but the games I think the NX needs to be successful
-New IP "Casual" from Nintendo EAD (Wii Sports, Wii Fit etc)
-New IP "game" from Nintendo EAD (Like Splatoon,Pikmin etc)
-New IP from Retro Studios
-Mario Kart 9
-Mario 3D (real sequel to the Mario 64/sunshine/galaxy series)
-New Metroid
-At least 2 or 3 second party games, 2 of them made by western developers. At least one new IP

All that in the first year.

benji1011163d ago

All it needs to be is more powerful and cheaper than the opposition.
Easier to develop for.
targeted at insecure 15 year olds who want to believe they have the best console.

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