Video of possible new GOW map

Despite an absolutely idiotic introduction and host, this shows a nice glimpse of an unseen Gears of War multiplayer map

Watch it here!

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Smellslikepie3691d ago

Ah, yeah. I remember that. That map doesn't look too good though, in my opinion. There's loads of cover behind cars up at the top where you spawn but if you go down to that little side bit there was hardly any, hopefully they've balanced that.

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FKN Unbelievable3691d ago

With a little work could be a nice map for the hammer of dawn. But believe it or not this map was probably a beta to one of the maps in the game now.

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Fu11clip3691d ago

well that cool as crap what makes this even better because i am studyin to be a game disigner so this help me relize what it take to make a safisticated game like GoW

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