IGN'S Top 25 Xbox One Games

The year 2015 has been very good to the Xbox One so far, and that means the latest update to our Top 25 Xbox One Games list brings significant changes. And it'll continue to change every year for the foreseeable future – the games will get better and better! – which only makes the list more fun, both to create and to read. These are the 25 games you should take notice of when buying the system, as ranked by a humble crew of IGN's biggest and most knowledgeable Xbox One fans. Review scores mattered, but we also factored in things like ways each game took advantage of the Xbox One, design risks taken that you should see, curiosities, etc. Enjoy!

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christocolus1185d ago

Good to see Ori, FH2, KI, Rare Replay, Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive on the list.

AngelicIceDiamond1185d ago

Good list though he listed 3rd party as well. Do they update the list every year?

christocolus1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

"Do they update the list every year?"

I think so. Hopefully there'll be even more exclusives on the list next year. Yeah, I saw the third party titles too all awesome games but i'm glad many exclusives made the cut. Halo MCC and FM5 also made it into the list.

OpieWinston1185d ago

Spring is when the next update hits. Forza 6/Halo 5/Fable Legends/ROTR will climb their way up the list.

3-4-51185d ago

Solid list, although I disagree with GTA 5 being where it is.

Nobody is calling that game out for it's obvious faults.

GTA 5 is NOT the best game for XB1 or has too many faults, and frustrating things about it, half of the mechanics are Original xbox dated.

Rest of the list is solid though.

HaydenJameSmith1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

What obvious faults ? The only big problem with that game is the Online which can be so broken and the community is just killin each other all the time. I still play it a ton though but I'd just be interested in hearing what obvious faults you think it has ? I dont necessarily think it is the number 1 game as it stands but I think I could make a compelling argument as to why it deserves no. 1 as its a fantastic game and there are only about 3 games on that list that I think could challenge in terms of overall quality.

jb2271185d ago

I agree. A lot of this sentiment towards the game seems to be solely geared towards the technical achievement, but that only makes up a portion of what makes a good game, and a fairly small one at that. This is understood in music journalism quite a bit better. If people based their "Best Guitarists" lists solely on technical ability then some schmuck like Joe Satriani would get it every time because he can shred the fastest, but there's a lot more important factors that come into play, mostly that intangible soul element, and GTA was fun while it lasted & definitely more interesting than 4 was, but on the whole it was fairly forgettable. Aside from the Online components, everything had been done before, aside from the character switching & the pointless stuff like Yoga minigames.

LAWSON721185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

In my opinion the SP is fantastic the first time through and it is a great step forward for the franchise, however IMO the hyped up GTA online should not get a free pass or be ignored it makes the game feel unpolished and just slow. On a next gen platform I want minimal load times yet that is all GTAO is.

GTAV is a showcase of the greatness achieved last gen, while on next gen it is a dated game with pretty textures. When I played it on my Xbox 360 I was in awe the whole time, when I played it on Xbox One I wanted to throw it out a window because the Mp is garbage.

FlexLuger1185d ago

Solid list...but its missing, neverwinter!

Masterchief_thegoat1185d ago

25 smite
24 killer Instinct
23 state of decay
22 peggle 2
21 rare replay
20 rayman legend
19 Wolfenstein: The New Order
18 child of light
17 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
16 forza ms 5
15 Evolve’s
14 fry cry 4
13 minecraft
12 titanfall
11 Diablo 3 ue
10 ori and blind forst
9 shadow morder
8 batman ak
7 forza h2
6 halo tmcc
5 dragon age Inquisition
4 the witcher 3
3 sunset overdrive
2 mgs pp
1 gta v

XanderZane1185d ago

Nice list of games. There are only a few of those games that I don't own, but will be getting in the near future. Only game I probably won't get is Evolve.

Justiceleague1185d ago

A lot of these games are on PC too. You forgot to mention Titanfall

user99502791185d ago

this list is somewhat subpar but pretty half decent kind of not really.

poppinslops1185d ago

Aside from Evolve at #15, it's a great list.

More than half of my 22 XO games are either full or console exclusives - Forza, Fable, Tomb Raider and (hopefully) Below will push that figure closer to two-thirds (Fallout 4 is the only multiplat I'll get for the rest of the year)... I imagine it's a similar ratio for Nintendo gamers.

I doubt there are many PS4 owners that can say the same thing about their collections - As it stands, Bloodborne and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture are the only exclusives I'd buy... I do plan on getting one eventually, but I'm gonna wait until Uncharted 4, Horizon, Persona 5, WiLD and No Man's Sky are out - maybe next Christmas?

TheLoCoRaven1185d ago

Seeing Evolve at #15 just shows how weak the list is in reality. Some gems for sure! but not enough.

StrayaKNT1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

If this was the competition, evolve would be number 1 or 2 lol get your bitterness our of here, xbox has the best exclusives this generation. I'm sorry.

I'm talking about the whole world, I don't live in USA. I'm sorry but jrpgs don't make a library 'diverse'

Justiceleague1185d ago

Best exclusives? Subjective and preference. Are you talking about in the whole world or just in the USA?

TheLoCoRaven1185d ago

What does Evolve have to do with Xbox exclusives? Evovle was basically 30% of a multiplat game.

EDKICK1185d ago

@TheLoCoRaven it doesn't make it a bad list it's just at a bad spot. Wolfenstein is way to low, Alien should be on here, Shovel Knight should be on here, and if they are including remasters(GTA V) bot Dark Souls II and Metro Redux should be on here

TheLoCoRaven1185d ago

I agree that Wolfenstein should be in a better spot and Metro Redux should be on here.

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