Elite: Dangerous – Timed Trial Impressions (Xbox Enthusiast)

Lucas Lohr from Xbox Enthusiast discusses his first hour with the beautiful looking, but complicated Elite: Dangerous.

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FlexLuger1159d ago

Im surprised nobody has mentioned the fact that this game runs at 60FPS on XB1.

Allsystemgamer1159d ago

It's not exactly demanding. It runs over 80fps on my 3 year old laptop

Trekster_Gamer1159d ago

I agree that it was frustrating in the extreme, you should not have to leave the game go to a website and watch a video on how to play. This should be in game .

MeliMel1159d ago

Lol..I guess they forgot about Tutorials.

javauns1159d ago

This was a pc game at first, so the learning curve it a little more drastic, as the tutorials are for people slightly more advanced than beginner and the don't hold your hand and introduce everything to you like what normally happens on consoles. BUT THE GAME IS WONDERFUL, and i doubt you will get to experience the beauty by just playing the trial.

Perjoss1159d ago

Agreed, you can get a rough idea of the combat model in the space (no pun inteded) of an hour but to realise the scale of the universe will take much longer than that.

Gozer1159d ago

I agree. The tutorial in no way prepares you for what the actual game offers. I think its kind of amusing that someone would write a preview based on the tutorial.

Meatyboy1159d ago

Yay let's all listen to a random guys opinion on playing a game for literally less than 1 hour

FlexLuger1159d ago

Well I own the game, so Im not paying too much mind to his opinion. I love this game.the first time I activated my hyperdrive and jumped to another system, its one of the coolest things I done in gaming since calling in a titan and jumping into the cockpit on titanfall for the first time.

you need an hour in elite just to do the tutorials...he hadly scratched the surface. When he winds up in deep space with no fuel and a few players coming at him to take all his shit...then he can talk about what its like to play elite.

Meatyboy1159d ago

Exactly! Was the same for me. I got my freinds to all play the demo and they ran out of time on the demo to even hyper drive and they won't play it now. Makes me sad they can never experience something so awesome

lvl_headed_gmr1159d ago

There is a large learing curve to understand the controls which I managed to learn in very little time.

I have been running trade routes and did some bulletin missions where I now have access to imperial ships. Working my way to being able to afford a clipper. Then some serious trading to make money and soon I will have my Anaconda.

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