5 Reasons Dragon Age: Inquisition Fans Should Play Trespasser

Trespasser is the final piece of story for Dragon AgeL Inquisition, and it's an experience that no fan should miss.

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idsanty1189d ago

I should really get back into DA:I. Never finished it with all the releases that started coming out.

Archmagel1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I know what you mean. All the great games that came after just filled my schedule.

That, and I am just not into it as I was the other two. Lack of healing magic (or at least for our party), the limit of skills (don't know why only the characters we control are limited to so few skills), the less "dark fantasy" feel, and the lack of stuff to fill the expanses of the world really killed the vibe for me. I still want to play for the story of the next one, though.

Maxor1189d ago

The Witcher 3 rendered DA:I unplayable for me. I just can't come back to that lifeless MMO like questing.

Last_Boss1189d ago

Good game, the companions is what pulls a lot of life into its story & gameplay.

SilverClock1188d ago

If you are a fan of Dragon Age and do NOTHING ELSE in the game, play this DLC. It is canon, it leads into DA4. It is the ending to Inquisition, and it's a good one.

SolidGear31188d ago

I will definitely get this DLC then and load up my save to play this :3

rezzah1188d ago

Just started the second DLC, once I beat that I'll buy this one.