‘Layers of Fear’ Early Access preview: trust nothing, fear everything | Gearburn

Gearburn writes: "Enter a world of true madness where nothing is as it seems. A terrifying place where the lines between horror and reality are all too blurred. Layers of Fear, a first-person indie title by Polish developers Bloober Team SA, is one of the most outstanding horror experiences I’ve ever had. A game has honestly not scared me this much since I played the original Outlast.

In Layers of Fear you delve into the mind of a mentally insane painter who is on a quest to create his magnum opus, the greatest work he will ever produce. But in the pursuit to create his masterpiece, he makes use of some rather unorthodox methods that will take you on a mind-bending journey of blood, anger, and pure psychological terror"

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Wiehahn1156d ago

It's beyond spooky, it's really terrifying! But in a good way :)