Why The Taken King is a great time to start playing Destiny

GameZone: "With two expansions under their belt and a year’s worth of lessons courtesy of a rabid and dedicated fanbase, Bungie is poised to make the game players always wanted with Destiny’s next big expansion, The Taken King. The sweeping changes coming to character leveling, grinding, acquiring gear, and even more fundamental things like storytelling and gameplay are substantial. I can’t imagine a better time to start playing the game, or to come back if you gave up on it in the past."

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ninsigma1162d ago

I love Destiny and I'm excited to pick up ttk after work today but even I think the number articles stating this very thing is getting out of hand!

ORyanDeee1162d ago

"players earn XP to level up all the way to the level cap of 40"
So its not based on light lvl anymore?

TheSaint1162d ago

Level isn't but damage and defence are.

mechlord1162d ago

which in itself is bullshit, why do they have two leveling systems? i never understood that.