Guitar Hero Live Hands-On Preview - Ingenuity that Rock Band Didn't Have the Guts To Drop | COG

COG Writes: At a recent event at the YouTube Space in LA we were able to get some quality playtime in with FreeStyleGames and Activision's 'Guitar Hero Live'. Rest assured that the drastic changes made to the franchise are exactly what it needed.

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JohnnyXeo1184d ago

Man. This or Rock Band. So hard!

generalwinter1184d ago

Whoa looks like Guitar Hero is the one to get

MercilessDMercer1184d ago

Just when I was getting comfortable with not having to deal with these games...

Digital_Anomaly1184d ago

I like the fact that they're doing something different. Not that I won't play Rock Band but it is pretty much the same old thing.

elarcadia1184d ago

Sorry, but I'll stick with Rock Band for my "fun play" and Rocksmith for when I actually want to learn real stuff. I don't like how Rock Band and Guitar Hero are no longer compatible with each others' guitars (thanks Guitar Hero). Rock Band may still be the same, but I played it at PAX and I enjoyed the new solo controls. On top of that, being able to play it with multiple people and having instrument options along with a vast library of new and old songs (over 1500) takes the cake in my book.

Digital_Anomaly1184d ago

My RB library is huge too so I'm definitely still interested but the idea of GHTV constantly expanding with new songs for free is pretty cool. I've got room for both in my gaming room!

elarcadia1184d ago

I do too. I plan on waiting on both, jut to see how things play out, but I hope they both do good.

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