Destiny: The Taken King Guide - 7 essential things you need to do

Destiny: The Taken King is upon us, and many players who perhaps fell away from Destiny over its first year will be looking to jump back into the Year Two excitement. The trouble is, many players may feel a bit lost when they begin, so VideoGamer has put together a list that should help you get straight back into the swing of things on September 15.

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Dissidia1160d ago

Finally! I swear it's been the longest wait ever but it's finally here!

masterfox1160d ago

I thought I was going back to Destiny but no way in hell I'm paying 60 dlls just to play that damn DLC, also everybody thinking that theres a new enemy type with the Taken king well guess what, is just the same freaking old enemy types that are already in the game, Bungie just added a new freaking shaders over the Cabal, Fallen, Hive and probably Ves, and they just called them The taken, bunch of BS!

SirBradders1160d ago

Get over it almost every game known to existence really skin older enemies but make them tougher. Atleast they actually have new mechanics and don't look wholey the same. There's tons of things in the ttk which are new, and you nit pick the one thing you can think of. Alot of the new content they have changed / added shows they are actually listenning to the community.

ninsigma1160d ago

Yup. They listened. And now I'm back! Bring it on! 1 more day! :D

masterfox1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

@sirbraddars lol

nit pick ?

Well after downloading that damn 18 GB patch or update, whatever is this are my pointers:

* Now you can go up to 34 before TKK, well guess what ? it means jacksh#$$t, they just added that level system so you have the feeling of progression it doesn't matter if you are 34 or 32 you will do the same damage or have the same defense, still the light level is the one that prevails.

* Bungie added this "new" quests system to the story mode...wuahaha the only thing they added is just a nice little colorful icon on the right when finished a quest mission.

* You are now weaker!, even if you are level 34 you feel like you are a lot lower than 25 (using the old light system), how do I know this ? well if you play the game and start taking hell lot of damage by level 16 something enemys you know something is wrong.

* Your old exotics are obsolete(weak), oh but don't worry you will get your old SAME exotics strong again when you have enough legendary marks from The Taking King and redeem those for the neeeewww Taking King exotic same versions, think I'm joking ? go and see it your self!

* Bungie say with the new level system that it doesn't depend of what you are wearing now, you can use whatever gun/armor you like the most....ehhhh WRONG!!! is actually the opposite, with the old light system at least you only had to worry to dress your self with one the kind armor parts to be high light level, but now with the new system you are not only going to be stuck with the same clothes but NOW you are going to be stuck with same freaking weapons cause this also affects your light system. you will have to find the correct and very few combinations or armor and weapons to be high light level again and be able to do great damage. That 34 to 40 plus level is just a damn door opener that will give you access to new/old weapons, missions or armors but it doesn't affect one damn thing on strenght or defense.

* Bungie manage a way for players to replay the whole freaking game again without any incentive. So in the is not my fault people are so damn blinded by this kind of things and fell directly to it.

* Cool thing that Bungie is copying everything byt very slowly what Warframe is doing, maybe some day Destiny will become a F2P, but for now.... Bungie shove your game and greed up your arse!!! :D

Ultibreaker1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )


All that writing just to express that you won't buy TTK... Write another essay stating what else will you be playing. Oh and after that, write another essay explaining what you like/didn't like about it. By the way, JUST DONT BUY IT IF YOURE SO FED UP. Oh and one more thing, you should write another essay on why you in this article about a game you dislike so much...

kbozz711160d ago

The hate is strong in that one.....yet he won't delete the game, none of them do. They just write novels on message boards on how much they hate the game and parrot the 10,000 reasons why. If they really didn't play it, they wouldn't care.But if they really don't play it, and are still obsessed with it...then they need to seek professional counseling.

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n4rc1160d ago

got burned out a few months ago (rightfully.. 3 34s with everything) and im really pumped for TTK..

have been on in the last week filling up with completed bounties to turn in..

SirBradders1160d ago

Don't keep them mate they will get lost on tomorrow's release. Use them to level up any old crap you got lying about.

n4rc1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Oh crap... Think I remember reading that.. Lol.. Thanks for the heads up.. I'll turn em all in tonight

Edit.. Oops.. Nope.. That was part of 2.0.. They reset on the 8th.. No mention of them resetting again in the 15th

n4rc1157d ago

just a fun side note.... i turned in 14 bounties with my redbull xp boost and hit level 40 instantly.. lol

Stapleface1160d ago

Only the ones that were not finished, exotics, and Queens bounties were wiped. Exotics were actually auto finished. You will still be able to turn in the old bounties at the bounty vendor. You can't turn them in from the quest screen. The update that outlined the bounties being wiped even said the 8th, when that went into effect. Not the 15th.

SirBradders1159d ago

My bad I didn't read the notes properly lol.

GrimDragon1160d ago

I saw something in the ttk video that showed what look like hive or fallen enemies splitting themselves into two or three more enemies that was pretty cool.

FamilyGuy1159d ago

I'm pretty sure the one that splits is a Taken Psion, the thralls don't multiply but they do fade out and re-appear close by.

GrimDragon1159d ago

Lol either way sounds cool cat wait to shoot them in the face.

GrimDragon1160d ago

Dam lol I was hoping it wasn't thrall. That's all we need thrall that explode and multiply.