The Best External HD For Xbox One

This fall / winter is going to bring many a desirable new game to the Xbox One, and you going to need some free HD space to play them all. Black Phosphor has found an excellent, affordable, 1 TB external hard drive to help you out.

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NeoGamer2321188d ago

Personally I really like the 2 x 4TB Seagate pocket drives I use. They are USB powered therefore not needing external power supplies. Absolutely awesome.

Benchm4rk1188d ago

How much did you pay for them?

NeoGamer2321188d ago

$350 CDN each. Expensive, but I figure they will last me half the generation.

Benchm4rk1188d ago

Yeah they are $459 here in Oz. My 2TB will last me a fair while longer. Maybe the 4TB ones will drop in price by then lol

n4rc1188d ago

i use a 3tb Seagate backup plus (3.5" 7200rpm)

no complaints

user99502791188d ago

got a 2tb mypassport 3.0. works perfectly. cant imagine myself needing more space for a few years.

Software_Lover1188d ago

I still can't believe that people actually think, and say, that having external HDD support is a negative.

freshslicepizza1188d ago

1 person already secretly disagreed, so there's your answer. it wasn't me because i too don't see any negatives.

Software_Lover1188d ago

I can carry my entire catalog of games to a friends house in my pocket or bag. Plug it up, sign in, and its a go.

Easily one of the best features.

Masterchief_thegoat1188d ago

tough choice Im having 6tb wd my book or 8tb seagate which one to get?

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