DICE & EA prepare a gift for fans 10 years in the making: Star Wars Battlefront

What a journey is has been for fans of the highly popular, yet rarely seen Star Wars Battlefront series. The last time we saw the franchise was 10 years ago and it was on consoles that are two generations older than the current-generation ones available today.

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Captain__Arabia1187d ago

I hope 10 years worth to wait

Hugos1187d ago

Can be worth, but everything must be beeter than in BF:4 [big lol] and BF: Hardline. And from what ive saw this can be true. I hope servers will be strong enough to handle all SW-Fans playing with thier favorite side of force. Problems with that dont have CI Games. They develop new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. And by meaning "new" i men really new. Its not corridored game but game with open world and many ways to get target and make him pay for all:) Beautiful grahpic and lot of toys to play with make this game one of the most aniticpated games of the next year.

TheHaydenator1187d ago

pretty poor gift then. It just isn't a battlefront game, not to mention it's missing some basic features.

TheBurger291187d ago

Its missing more than half the content BF2 had.

1186d ago
scark921187d ago

As much as I want the game, i will pass, I dislike multiplayer only games, and I miss the space battles ha, I will not be buying DLC.

fsdgf1187d ago

I wish Free Radical's Battlefront 3 wasn't canned. That looks much better than Dice's effort, and even had simultaneous land and space battles