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I’ll be the first to admit it: Super Mario Maker doesn’t look fun to me. I see it as a game you pick up once every few months and its the only thing you play for a week, but then you drop it again. How one might play The Sims. Part of the reason is I remember having games that allowed you to create your own content, but it was never as cool as you expected it to be.

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Takwin1158d ago

Get. Out.

This game is amazing. My daughter and I have loved it.

Imagine 4 different Mario games, all together, with infinite levels.

AND you can make your own levels.

It's a freaking masterpiece.

TheOpenWorlder1158d ago

2 player co-op is a masterpiece. Big lack of innovation on Nintendo's part. They could have done this since the Wii days..they CHOSE not to.

Masterpiece? Oh please

Neixus1158d ago

Personally i find the game to be like 9-10/10, but learn that reviewers can have different tastes.

Much like Little Big Planet, some reviewers love it, some not. Even though it's a good game.

LAWSON721158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I want my copy but I got the bundle from walmart and have yet to be able to pick it up, :(

richyque1157d ago

Lol, how many mario games and spin-offs does one console need? its getting rediculous with the lack of creativity on nintendos part.

franwex1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

I need MOAR!
Like it or not; Mario games are the most fun and polished experiences so far this gen. I think they are doing OK, Splatoon could've been Mario Squirt or something like that.

Neonridr1157d ago

how many Halo games exist on one console? How many Uncharteds existed on the PS3? God of Wars? Obviously you are going to continue to make what sells. But you have to differentiate between the New Super Mario Bros series, the 3D Land / 3D World series, and the true 3D Mario games like 64 / Sunshine / Galaxy.

Besides, this is the 3rd Mario game for the Wii U if I am not mistaken, not 10th.