I beat Destiny’s Moments of Triumph before The Taken King, but Skolas tainted the victory

Pat is legend. He’s also annoyed at the Prison of Elders anger blisters on his fingertips.

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Adexus1185d ago

I got Taken King: Legendary Edition last Friday, even though the expansions won't redeem until tomorrow and I'll have to play catch up with Dark Below and House of, I am enjoying the base game more than I did like... 8 months or so ago, yeah it's been a long time since I played it!

Still haven't done a single Raid either :\

RyanShutup1185d ago

Vault of Glass is freaking incredible! Once you get up past lv 30 give it a shot.

Adexus1185d ago

If only if it had matchmaking! I don't have 5 friends that play Destiny unfortunately.

XboxOneX1185d ago

@Adexus try reddit I have not played the game for many months now but I used to go on reddit and the bungie forum and people would post up they was looking for people to raid with.

Guyfamily9991185d ago

Definitely look into
Vault of Glass is awesome :D

Adexus1185d ago

Thanks man, I'll take a look!

kayoss1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

VOG is one of the best designed raid in Destiny.

Steven211185d ago

There are only two raids... It's not hard for one of the two to be the best in the game

ScorpionX991184d ago

You could try this site. There are a bunch of groups on it and they schedule Raids or Nightfalls. Most have really helpful people that can take you through them.

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soul-assassin-1185d ago

I owned vanilla destiny at launch, but sold it after completion due too my online friends not playing. I'm unsure about getting the taken king version again due to not having online friends not playing anymore . Has this game changed on the last year? Is it worth reinvesting in this game?

Adexus1185d ago

I sold my original copy as well, and with the Year 2 update things have improved and it definitely feels more robust, but it still has the repetitive nature of Destiny, though good loot and loot in general seems to be more plentiful now so it feels less of a chore.

GameSpawn1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

You have no idea how much. Just 2.0 (the Taken King Patch) has changed loads about the game. Check the MegaWiki on reddit:
for all the changes and additions.

GameSpawn1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

"...we chose to hide behind barriers on a shelf at one end of the room and avoided “going for a run” (taking a tour of the arena when things get too hot)."

Of course they made it hard on themselves. That is the problem right there. You CANNOT camp on Skolas. You CANNOT use that strategy. It is left over from how people cheesed out the rest of the bosses in Destiny. It doesn't work on Skolas. There is NO cheese for Skolas. You actually need to work.

I personally found Rounds 1-5 to be a cakewalk once you were mentally prepared for them and knew what needed to be done. Round 6 (Skolas) took me a few groups before I finally got with one that had a great strategy (too long to detail fully here but can be found via Reddit) that works VERY well with little stress. In short the strategy involves the very thing the author mentioned NOT doing. You need to constantly cycle the arena and NOT when things "get hairy" but ALL the time. The idea is to keep Skolas away from you on the opposite side of the arena while you clear adds and only take on Skolas when he is by himself (or with few adds).

The other reason Skolas is "so hard" for people is that it requires every single fireteam member to participate and contribute. No one can be "carried" through Skolas; they can be coached though (there is a difference there). Not even the best Destiny player can do the entire Skolas fight solo while the other two guys sit in a corner (trust me it is impossible due to the mechanics of the "taint" portion). The fight also requires constant attention (and communication) from everyone about what is going on (where enemies and Skolas are) and what needs to be done.

Here's the kicker...the new raids and strikes in Taken King...yeah they've taken a page out of the Skolas book and have been developed to require moving strategies. No longer will you be able to huddle in a corner and pummel a bullet sponge with your sniper rifle. $%^& got real and Bungie's been listening to and watching the cheesers - this is their response. This game is slowly becoming more like the MMO it has aspired to be.

Asuka1185d ago

Qodron I find much harder than skolas nowadays. Most people don't know how to do that encounter since most people burned him in ~30secs with ghorns. I'm happy you can't do that anymore because the mechanics are actually fun.

GameSpawn1185d ago

I only found him to be hard as a 34 encounter. On 32 he is much more approachable (less health). Having good shotguns or SGA really helps with the containment bubbles. I always use SGA (and before Black Hammer was nerfed) I'd just snipe him down instead of Gjallys. Black Hammer+SGA was far more useful in the long run than Shotgun+Gjally.

kayoss1185d ago

I do the "take a jog" strategy because it gives you an oppurtunity pick up ammo and give you a breather from the constant attacks. To me, its the adds that you need to worry about not skola.

maybelovehate1185d ago

Yep. Our callouts are "Move Dirt" or "Move Hall". Once the objectives pop, take the taint from the person who has it and he/she goes to the far objective while the other two stay and get the other two.

Be very wary of the Sword Captain though, he ends more teams than Skolas haha.

GameSpawn1185d ago

Especially on Lightswitch. There is also a Vandal who "teleports" to the center of the shielded platform. It only seems like he teleports because there is no "jumping" animation for the Vandal. Besides the Vandal all enemies who do come up to that platform come up on the far end (closer to the open map "edge").

This spot is a good spot until Skolas shows up. There is no good camp because of the splash damage from the solar cannon. This is why you must keep moving, because between the adds and solar cannon splash damage, any amount of camping leads to a lot of deaths (and wipes).

thekhurg1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Skolas camping is easy. Just because this group failed doesn't mean you can't do it in a simple way.

You only have to run out of the camp for servitors and mines. The entirety of the rest of the fight can be done from a single choke point.

GameSpawn1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Camping has never worked in any of the games I've played with groups that tried. It always led to getting overwhelmed by adds or dieing from Skolas' solar cannon splash damage (which is STILL a threat for at least one person on the shielded platform - someone WILL get hit, trust me).

When I ran the "running" strategy, there were WAY less deaths and adds were WAY easier to manage. Does it take a bit longer? Yes, but considering we only wiped ONCE getting used to the moving strategy the time saved from numerous wipes more than made up for it.

The camping strategy is far more stressful to me because it can lead to more wipes with inexperienced groups. It also doesn't work very well on Lightswitch weeks because of the Sword Vandals and Captains.

thekhurg1185d ago

We have zero problems camping him. Zero. Add management is all you need to worry about and strong arc shotguns will handle any add that jumps up on the platform with your group. You can huddle next to the barrier and recover all health without splash damage. Adds can only jump up one spot and you can predict when they're about to and greet them with shotgun blasts to the face.

Then once the last add is dead, one person runs out to kill servitor, and you DPS skolas until the next wave, rinse and repeat until the poison debuff starts. Then it's basically the same strategy except 2 people leave for mines so you can take poison.

Camping him is easy if you have coordination for that type of strategy.

Gority1184d ago

I've only done this fight once as I just picked Destiny up again recently... I was in a group with two friends, one who had done it before and one who did not. We beat him second try. The first we had him down to 25% and wiped. We also used the running around method. I don't get the complaint of it being too hard.

GameSpawn1184d ago

Like I said in some of my other comments, most of the mentality of it being hard comes from people who have gotten used to all the other boss encounters in Destiny where they can hide and camp in a 90%-100% safe spot and snipe away or rocket launch the boss.

Strike bosses Sepiks, Archon, Phogoth, Sekiron, Valus Ta'aurc, Taniks, and Omnigul can all be "cheesed" from a single spot. The Raid bosses (Atheon & Crota) still have some mechanics but once you're overleveled they are fairly easy encounters. The Strike bosses for the no longer exclusive PS Strikes (Undying Mind and Dust Palace) can't be cheesed easily because the bosses move around a lot and there are TONS of adds to keep you busy (especially in the Undying Mind).

People [who think Skolas is hard] have become complacent with "cheesing" the bosses and Skolas cannot be cheesed. He requires work and coordination. It is a real boss encounter with mechanics that work and make you work. Skolas is not just some bullet sponge that you hang back and keep pummeling (though he is spongy, but you have other things to worry about to keep you busy through the fight).

The Taken King's Strike and Raid bosses will be similar to Skolas in that they will require moving strategies. There won't be easy ways to camp anymore.

Again, you may not see why everyone is screaming that he is hard, but given time with Destiny's legacy bosses (in comparison) you might see where people were coming from.

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Software_Lover1185d ago

Anyone on Xbox One wanna do some prison of elders hit me up. I don't have it for ps4 but I'm definitely thinking about buying that white taken version and selling my black ps4.

Live: Cherub2g
PSN: Cherub2g

SabreMan1185d ago

I wouldn't say the Skolas strat is easy but once you know how to do it and your with people who also know what they are doing it's very doable first time. Break the bond as quick as possible, keep moving around the map in a clockwise rotation killing all the enemy and ignoring skolas.
Once all the enemy are down, take Skolas down, once he is past a certain health level, more enemy spawn just repeat. Take down the mines once they appear. Just keep doing this then eventually you will beat Skolas. Stay together passing the essence between yourself leaving a Warlock to have it last with hopefully a self rez as back up if required. I cannot wait for tomorrow, got my Collectors Edition on preorder for Xbox One plus the limited edition ps4 bundle.

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