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David at GameSpew writes: "Act of Aggression is like taking a trip down memory lane back to 2003. The year of the London congestion charge coming in, all that Iraq bother and worst of all, Brookside finished. Not the best of years then. But at least it gave us Command and Conquer: Generals; which Act of Aggression does its damn best to be a worthy heir to its legacy.

For those not familiar, let me give you a brief overview. In Act of Aggression you play as one of three post-modern factions. First up is an underfunded, but battle hardened, US military who have the most recognisable units and a good choice for newcomers to the genre. Second, the multi-national United Nations force, Chimera, who sport a good mixture of adaptable high tech units. Lastly there is the shadowy Cartel; a criminal organisation of cutting edge tech and private military contractors."

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