Destiny The Legend of You trailers feature your own Guardian

Destiny's new "The Legend of You" campaign puts together a video for you, all about your very own Guardian.

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masterfox859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Is taking ages to create, this webpage honors the Destiny game cause is soo repetitive loading and loading and loading :D

maybelovehate859d ago

Wow, I learned I am top 1% of all guardians haha. Now I feel awesome :D

ChronoJoe859d ago

In what though? it ranks in all kinds of criteria.

maybelovehate859d ago

I can't remember, it was three or four things. I imagine mostly raid related since that is mostly what I do in Destiny. Definitely wasn't anything in pvp lol, I am terrible!

ChronoJoe859d ago

Ah, fair enough.

The only 1% I have is my kill & assists to death ratio in the crucible, kill death itself is top 2%.

For pve stuff I'm only like top 30%. It's funny because I do not really even enjoy the crucible, haven't been on it in months.

FamilyGuy859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

This is cool, kinda

I got top 1% in Iron Banner kills with 2,139
43 Strength of The Wolf medals earned
34 kills in a single match, 4%
5,352 kills with Vex Mythocast

"The Unrestrained"

I'm guessing because I do PvE and PvP

blackphosphor859d ago

Finally worked for me, took about 5 minutes. The video is downloadable once it is done.

GrimDragon859d ago

Lol that was really really cool thx bungie. Got me hyped for ttk now.

Saijahn859d ago

I'm in the:

Top 2% in crucible wins
Top 5% in super kills
Top 2% in Cabal Psion kills and they call me the invulnerable lol

My most dominant Exotic is the Multi-Tool with 4,385 kills.

I feel superbad lol, good stuff Bungie. Can't wait to kill the Taken King tomorrow.

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