Don't waste money at the cinema. Until Dawn is a horror bargain at this price

Dealspwn: It's ridiculously expensive going to the cinema nowadays and there hasn't been a decent horror film in ages. Instead, you'd be much better off spending the money on a copy of Until Dawn for your PS4. It's one of the best PS4 games of the year and thanks to today's voucher code, you can get a hefty discount off the Extended Edition.

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shammgod1159d ago

great game...finally got to play it this weekend.

81BX1159d ago

Do u think its a new title well see more of, or a one time gem? I cant wait to play this game. It seems very cut scene drive like heavy rain. I like that change of pace.

bggriffiths1159d ago

I hope there's more. I think the cutscene heavy/QTE/choices gameplay is very well suited to the teen/slasher horror genre.

Works much better than Beyond: Two Souls (loved Heavy Rain though).

Systemshock21159d ago

There is plenty of exploration which can result in clues and items which can save lives.
There is noway of knowing what can save you sometimes and the fact that there is no checkpoint system, your character can die anytime,some which you want to save after plenty of struggle and just before the game ends, die.
The loss of progress and character is Real, that makes the tension all more palpable.

uth111159d ago

It depends how you define this genre, but from my POV, it seems to be booming lately:

Tell-tale is doing well

Double Fine is putting out titles

Quantric Dreams is reported working on a new title, and Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are coming to PS4.

Life is Strange is getting rave reviews

The King's Quest reboot has also got good reviews so far.

miyamoto1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

" I just think this is gonna take the world by storm. I think this genre is the wave of the future. Once people see the potential behind it; of getting to interact with the drama that you're witnessing unfold in such a realistic way this is how entertainment is gonna be from now on."
- Noah Fleiss (Actor)

Ever since Uncharted and The Last of Us, Sony Computer Entertainment has perfecting the link that connects games and feature films. Blurring the line that separates both. And they are doing a great job at it. Winning universal acclaim with each game.

The teen slasher sub genre is a perfect fit for this kind of project.

Supermassive has laid the foundation and I am sure other game developers are gonna build upon it.

Given more funding maybe they can actually make a more complex story system where for each character really have his own unique story endings whether he/she lives or die in the end giving us plenty more possibilities.

morganfell1159d ago

One of the best games ever to get 6 or 7 friends around while 1 person plays. Food, a few drinks and it becomes an interactive horror movie where everyone is helping on the choices. Might not work with a larger crowd but we tried it this weekend. Cooler weather, fall coming, right atmosphere - we had a blast. Everyone is coming back over this weekend to pick up where we left off.

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81BX1159d ago

Ahhhh, i need a ps4 in my life. Lol. Thats good to hear. Thanks to the both of u. Bubble up vote.

Unyoked1159d ago

Until dawn ended up being a lot better than I first anticipated

jambola1159d ago

Don't waste money at the cinema, Just buy this game for over 60$ instead

dimasok1159d ago

Loved this game. More please!

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The story is too old to be commented.